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Vehicle teardown reports

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  • 2022/07/05
Differences of Tesla Model Y made in U.S. and China (2) Megacasts
Chinese-made Model Y teardown analysis by Kobelco Research Institute
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  • 2022/06/10
Differences of Tesla Model Y made in U.S. and China (1) Electric Powertrain
Chinese-made Model Y teardown analysis by Kobelco Research Institute
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  • 2022/03/31
Wuling Hongguang MINIEV Teardown
A practical, simple structure as a city commuter
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  • 2022/03/16
Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Powertrain Teardown Analysis
From a report on components benchmarking activities by the Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu
  • 2022/01/05
E-Axle (Electric Powertrain) Comparison by Teardown Analysis
From a report on components benchmarking activities by the Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu
  • 2021/10/07
Tesla Model Y Teardown: HMI (Structure and GUI Concept)
As with the Model 3, a simple HMI with as few hard switches as possible
  • 2021/06/18
Tesla Model Y Teardown: Autopilot 3.0, Steering and Braking Systems
Automated driving-capable hardware; based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2021/06/11
Tesla Model Y Teardown: Suspension
High-maneuverability design similar to European premium sedans; based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2021/06/03
Tesla Model Y Teardown: Body Frame and Strength Members
Improvements from Model 3 and support for 3 rows of seats; based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2021/06/01
Tesla Model Y Teardown: Electric Powertrain Technology
Thermal management with Octovalve, battery, motor and inverter based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2021/01/04
Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid Teardown: Body Structure and Basic Functions
Key components that determine vehicle dynamics: Suspension, steering, and braking systems
  • 2020/11/09
Honda Fit Hybrid Teardown: Details of 1.5L HEV Engine
Expansion ratio (Atkinson), variable valve timing and lift, etc.
  • 2020/10/29
Honda Fit Hybrid Teardown: Electric Components
Technology of the new 2-motor hybrid system "e:HEV"
  • 2020/06/22
BMW C evolution Teardown: EV components for large electric scooters
Large motorcycle EV batteries, motors, inverters, and chargers
  • 2020/06/05
BMW 320i Teardown: ADAS/onboard information equipment
Equipped with 12 cameras and sensors including ZF 3-lens camera
  • 2020/05/14
BMW 320i Teardown: Body strength members, exterior parts
Body parts with mobility performance and collision safety
  • 2020/05/08
BMW 320i Teardown: Suspension, steering, and braking system
Control systems for the basic vehicle operations of "Go, Turn, and Stop"
  • 2020/04/16
BMW 320i Teardown: Drivetrain, intake and exhaust system configurations
Subsystems that work with modular engines
  • 2020/03/13
BMW 320i Teardown: B48 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine
Overall design and main structures of the next-generation modular engine
  • 2019/09/11
Nissan LEAF Teardown: Steering system configuration and charging system changes
Component comparison of the column assist EPS mechanism and charging system of the MY 2010 and MY 2017
  • 2019/08/30
Nissan LEAF Teardown: EV air conditioning systems
Comparison and transition of the MY2010 and MY2017 Leaf’s air conditioning system
  • 2019/08/14
Nissan LEAF Teardown: Comparison of the Gen1 and New EV electric units (with photos)
Comparison of the 2010 and 2017 Nissan Leaf's EV Powertrain System major components
  • 2019/05/29
Tesla Model 3 Teardown: Chassis, and Body
Safety, running stability, and weight reduction for improved energy cost
  • 2019/04/23
Tesla Model 3 Teardown: Interior, and HVAC system
Unique design and functions of the Model 3, based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2019/04/10
VW Tiguan Teardown: ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)
Continental's forward radar, Bosch's rear radar, Valeo's surround view monitor, etc.
  • 2019/03/22
Tesla Model 3 Teardown: Motor, Inverter, and Battery
Elucidation of Tesla's Model 3 EV technology, based on Munro teardown survey data
  • 2019/03/20
VW Tiguan Teardown: 1.4L TSI engine
Modular structures for drive systems and cylinder blocks
  • 2019/01/10
Nissan LEAF Teardown: By-wire technologies for driving, braking, and stopping
Technologies for EVs such as e-Pedal, brake-by-wire, and shift-by-wire
  • 2018/12/06
Nissan LEAF Teardown: Lithium-ion battery pack structure
Transitions in battery module specifications and improvements
  • 2018/11/27
Nissan LEAF Teardown: Powertrain with electromechanical structure, and drive system
Motor rotor and stator, reduction gear, and driveshaft elemental technology
  • 2018/11/05
Toyota C-HR Teardown: 1.2-liter downsized turbo engine
Internal combustion engine (ICE) with high thermal and fuel efficiency
  • 2018/08/16
Honda Civic Teardown: ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)
Bosch’s monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar adopted for Honda SENSING
  • 2018/04/12
Toyota C-HR Teardown: ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)
Toyota Safety Sense P adopts millimeter-wave radar and single lens camera system
  • 2017/10/27
BMW i3 aluminum chassis frame: Drive Module characteristics
A rational frame construction featuring a highly rigid chassis
  • 2017/04/17
BMW i3: Battery System
Lithium-ion battery module structure, cooling/warm-up system
  • 2017/04/17
BMW i3: CFRP Life Module Vehicle Structure
Realizing a 50% weight reduction compared to steel with a RTM molded monocoque structure
  • 2017/04/21
Nissan Serena teardown (2): User-friendly features
Realizing creativity and ingenuity through simple construction
  • 2017/03/07
Nissan Serena teardown (1): ProPILOT autonomous driving technology
A wide-range of features including the latest driving support system and visibility aids
  • 2016/10/31
Volkswagen Passat teardown (1)
1.4L turbo-gasoline engine: Water-cooled intercooler and displacement management system
  • 2016/10/03
Teardown of Toyota’s Flagship Sedan (4): Photo gallery
Photographs of 203 parts and a list of suppliers
  • 2016/09/13
Teardown of Toyota’s Flagship Sedan (3)
High-rigidity body structure for crash safety, handling stability, and quietness
  • 2016/06/08
Teardown of Toyota's Flagship Sedan (Part 2)
Chassis technology for high-end rear-wheel drive cars common to Toyota and Lexus vehicles
  • 2016/05/30
Teardown of Toyota's Flagship Sedan (Part 1)
2.5-liter V6 engine "4GR-FSE"

Electrical component teardown reports

  • NEW
  • 2021/07/02
Tesla Model Y Teardown: Drive Computer
Equipped with a GPU with advanced image processing capabilities and built-in LTE compatible TCU