BMW 320i Teardown: B48 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine

Overall design and main structures of the next-generation modular engine



  During the January to February 2020 period, a vehicle teardown analysis of the BMW 320i M Sport was conducted as a benchmarking activity of the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. This report introduces the overall design and main structures of the next-generation modular engine equipped on this BMW 320i model.

BMW 320i M Sport 分解調査
BMW 320i M Sport teardown analysis

  BMW introduced the modular engine family concept in engine development and production, and first introduced the B48 modular engine to the market in 2013. The design concept is to modularize the bore, stroke and the shape of the combustion chamber of the engine, where the displacement of each engine is directly proportional to the number of combustion chambers/cylinders. Specifically, the B48 is part of a modular BMW family of three gasoline engines introduced to market, which use a displacement of 500 cc per cylinder: 1.5L for 3-cylinder, 2.0L for 4-cylinder, and 3.0L of displacement for 6-cylinder engines. With this concept, the company aimed to significantly streamline its development, production, and parts procurement processes.

  These modular engines underwent a model change two years ago and production of the next-generation modular engine family began. The B48 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine, which was the target of this benchmarking activity, is the core gasoline engine in this family and has ample competitiveness in terms of fuel economy, emissions and performance.


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