VW Tiguan Teardown: ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)

Continental's forward radar, Bosch's rear radar, Valeo's surround view monitor, etc.



VW Tiguan分解調査
VW Tiguan teardown

  The 2nd generation VW Tiguan compact crossover SUV was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 and was the first SUV to be released in Europe and other regions from the beginning of 2016. It adopts the MQB platform (an engineering architecture for front-engine, front-wheel-drive (FF) car layouts and FF-based 4WD vehicles) developed by the VW Group.

  This report describes the findings of the VW Tiguan vehicle teardown survey conducted as a benchmarking activity of Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization in February 2019, and explains the electronic parts mounted on Tiguan, focusing on the preventive safety functional parts to understand the latest ADAS systems of the VW Group.

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