Ford F-150 Lightning Teardown: ADAS

ADAS (Driver Assistance System) for Ford EV pickup truck, based on Munro teardown survey data



Ford integrated ADAS “BlueCruise” (Source: Ford)

  This report introduces the ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) technology of the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum as made clear in Munro's teardown study (Zone 2: ADAS).

  The F-150 Lightning is equipped with a forward-facing camera, long-range radar, short-range radar at the front and rear four corners, and cameras at the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle to recognize external conditions and activate the ADAS function. In addition to individual functions such as ACC, the ADAS function has an integrated ADAS system called BlueCruise that enables hands-free operation. The ADAS functions are controlled by an ADAS controller called the ADAS Module. The F-150 Lightning has a centrally integrated function layout, with image information sent from the cameras and recognition and decision-making performed in the ADAS Module. For example, Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.’s (Mobileye’s) EyeQ4, one of the image recognition chips, is installed in the ADAS Module, not in the camera unit. In recent years, as image recognition has become more sophisticated, heat generated by image processing chips has become a problem, making it difficult to place the chips in the limited space of the camera housing. In the F-150 Lightning, devices for image processing, sensor fusion, and their communication are located in the ADAS Module, which addresses both high-speed communication and thermal issues.


  MarkLines works in cooperation with the Detroit-based vehicle benchmark engineering company Munro & Associates, Inc. (Munro). Munro conducts teardown surveys of various types of vehicles and conducts detailed specification and cost analysis of all the components, including weight and dimensions, and provides reports on the analysis results. For further information, please make an inquiry here.


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