Differences of Tesla Model Y made in U.S. and China (2) Megacasts

Chinese-made Model Y teardown analysis by Kobelco Research Institute



Disassembly work at the Kobelco Research Institute
Disassembly work at the Kobelco Research Institute
Almost all components were removed from the Model Y, but the inner and outer shells of the body were not separated.
(Source: Kobelco Research Institute)

  The Tesla Model Y has a number of design changes, mainly due to differences in the production facilities between the original U.S.-built Model Y (manufactured at the Fremont plant) in 2020 and the Chinese-made Model Y, with China local production starting in 2021 at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. In particular, the usage of mega castings, which is the integrally cast skeleton at the rear of the car body, is being further expanded in the frame structure of the vehicle manufactured in Shanghai.

  This report will focus on the differences between the car body identified in the teardown survey of the Fremont-manufactured Tesla Model Y conducted in March 2020 by Munro & Associates, Inc. and the teardown survey conducted by Kobelco Research Institute Inc. of the Model Y that was manufactured in Shanghai in June 2021.

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