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MarkLines has sale partner agreements with the following benchmarking business companies.

Munro & Associates

  Munro & Associates is an engineering company located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S. Since its founding in 1988, the company has sought to realize Lean Design® by offering design proposals based on Design Profit® software analyses of vehicle teardowns and data consigned by automakers.








MarkLines Co. Ltd., Consulting Services Department
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LTEC Corporation.

Since its founding in 1988, LTEC Corporation has utilized its semiconductor based analysis techniques and experience in research for intellectual property like patents to provide clients with technological information in the form of reports according to their requests.

The company currently carries out benchmarking activities, from component acquisition to analysis, for a wide variety of products like semiconductors, and also handles a range of projects including patent research. LTEC does research analysis for around 400 items per year, and generates reports for sale that take advantage of this expertise.

Reports for sale

 MarkLines offers the following reports analyzing new devices for sale:

MOSFET Device Analysis report
  • Infineon's power module for Hyundai automotive IONIQ/PHEV structure Analysis, 94 pages 
    Price : $7,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_060e.pdf
  • ROHM 1200V SiC MOSFET (SCT3080KLHR) short circuit robustness Analysis, 40 pages 
    Price : $6,500 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_056e.pdf
  • INFINEON 1200V SiC MOSFET(IMW120R045M1) short circuit robustness Analysis, 40 pages 
    Price : $7,500 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_057e.pdf
  • Wolfspeed 900V SiC MOSFET (E3M0065090D) short circuit robustness Analysis, 45 pages 
    Price : $6,500 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_042e.pdf
  • Wolfspeed 1200V SiC MOSFET (C3M0075120K) short circuit robustness Analysis, 34 pages 
    Price : $5,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_043e.pdf
  • Rohm SiC Power module Gate Driver circuit Analysis, 25 pages 
    Price : $7,200 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_044e.pdf
  • INFINEON Easy PACKTM 7th GEN. IGBT module Analysis 
    Structure analysis report, 137 pages
    Price : $7,000 USD
    Process analysis report, 51 pages
    Price : $4,600 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_045e.pdf
  • Fuji Electric 6MBI800XV-075V-01 IGBT Module Analysis 
    Module structure analysis report, 84 pages
    Price : $3,500 USD
    IGBT die analysis report, 158 pages
    Price : $5,800 USD
    Process and electrical characteristics analysis report, 61 pages
    Price : $4,600 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_047e.pdf
  • ON Semiconductor SiC MOSFET (NVHL080N120) Analysis 
    Structure analysis report, 97 pages
    Price : $6,000 USD
    Process and electrical characteristics analysis report, 36 pages
    Price : $4,600 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_048e.pdf
  • ON Semiconductor SiC MOSFET (NVHL080N120) short circuit robustness Analysis, 41 pages 
    Price : $6,500 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_049e.pdf
  • GaN Systems 100V high current GaN FET (GS61008T) Analysis 
    Structure analysis report, 66 pages
    Price : $7,000 USD
    Process analysis report, 33 pages
    Price : $4,600 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_050e.pdf
  • 1200V SiC MOSFETs Short-Circuit Robustness Benchmark, 62 pages 
    Price : $9,500 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_030e.pdf
Teardown Analysis report
    78 pages report includes the images of teardown process and BOM list of each PCBs.
    Price : $3,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_051e.pdf
    87 pages report include IGBT power module structure and IGBT structure analysis.
    Price : $7,200 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_052e.pdf
    50 pages report include the images of teardown process and BOM list of each PCBs.
    Price : $3,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_053e.pdf
  • HANGZHOUEV-TECH OBC(ON Board Charger) for Great Wall Motor ORA-R1/EV 
    76 pages report includes the images of teardown process and BOM list of each PCBs.
    Price : $3,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_054e.pdf
  • HANGZHOUEV-TECH OBC for Great Wall Motor ORA-R1/EV CIRCUIT analysis 
    96 pages report includes the PCB outline, layout of each layer, function block diagram,detailed circuit diagram and parts list.
    Price : $25,000 USD
    Sample : ltec_pdf_055e.pdf
  • Electric Devices and Components for the 4th-generation Toyota Prius (the following 6 reports)
  • Battery monitoring unit circuit board for BMW X5 (maker unknown), circuit analysis, 44 pages
    Internal circuit board of unit that monitors voltage of 16 cells and regulates cell balance.
  • Battery monitoring IC from Denso, circuit analysis, 215 pages
    Monitors voltage of 7 cells and regulates cell balance. Employs comparator that doesn't use ADC for voltage measurement.
  • Battery monitoring LSI from Linear Technologies, structure analysis, 40 pages
    Linear Technologies' general purpose monitoring LSI. The price was reduced 25% from the previous generation and functionality improved.
  • DC/DC converter for Nissan X-Trail hybrid, thermal analysis, 44 pages
    Heat transfer analysis model for heat generation and emission (use thermal equivalent circuits to measure from power loss).
  • DC/DC converter for Nissan X-Trail hybrid, thermal analysis, 113 pages
    Report covers areas including circuit board layout, component size, component level circuits, integrated circuit board transistors, and more.
  • Power semiconductor from Panasonic, structural analysis, 90 pages
    Observation of Gallium material semiconductor (all-purpose power type) cross-section with SEM and TEM, membrane excluded structure and material analysis, etc.
  • ADAS component for Nissan Serena ProPILOT, circuit board circuit analysis, 2 reports (91 and 30 pages, respectively)
    Layout of each layer in the ECU that regulates the camera and ADAS, circuit diagrams, cross-section diagram, component chart, etc.

LTEC's analysis track record => Around 400 components analyzed yearly!

2016 results

  • Electric regulation devices for powertrains
    E.g.: All kinds of ECUs, controllers for EVs and HVs, idling stop devices, batteries, a variety of internal elements
  • Systems and devices for driving safety
    E.g.: Steering, lighting, ad airbag systems, devices for ADAS
  • Devices for vehicle bodies
    E.g.: Meters, displays such as navigation systems, heater units, power windows, audio tuners

Analysis report – battery cell supervisory unit circuit board

Product overview Product overview
Use: In-vehicle Cell Monitoring Unit
Size: 116 mm x 75 mm
No. of lamination layers: 4
No. of components: 445
No. of terminals: 1,174
Installed components (BOM) Installed components (BOM)
Components are separated from the circuit board and analyzed to determine their type and constant elements.
It is also possible to make orders for component charts only for the purpose of cost analysis.
Circuit board membrane exclusion
Circuit board membrane exclusion
Circuit board layer removal observation
X-ray images (image above) indicate that there are 4 laminated layers and wiring is done via through holes.
Based on this information, wiring information can be extracted by excluding membranes on each layer.
Layout wiring
Layout wiring
Layout wiring
The image above shows a photo of the wiring on a particular layer. Everything down to spots can be identified clearly. Wiring data was automatically extracted from this photo as can be seen in the image below, and a pattern can be established with pictures that do not have fluctuation. This is highly reliable information as no human processing was carried out.
Circuit diagrams

Circuit diagrams
Flat circuit diagrams are created from the extracted wiring information, and along with providing a clear view of components like the power nodes and main routing, information is arranged functionally so that operations are easy to understand.

Library data for the output based on the PDF circuit diagram and EDIF are available. Separate from this, data can also be delivered in CAD format (option).

Cross probing tool Cross probing tool
A cross probing tool allows component and wiring layouts to be highlighted on the circuit diagram.
Optional analysis
Optional analysis

Optional analysis
The analyses mentioned until here show the detailed characteristics of the product. If means including transistor multiplier measurement, provision of layout data, structural analysis (cross-section, composition, etc.), thermal analysis, and noise analysis were used, provision of data attained from these measures is also possible (optional).

Cross-section structural analysis
Thermal analysis
Noise analysis


MarkLines Co. Ltd., Consulting Services Department
Person in charge: Seiichi Saito
Phone: +81-3-4241-3906


Fomalhaut Techno Solutions

  Fomalhaut Techno Solutions was established in 1994. Since then its business has expanded from analysis of mobile communications equipment to automotive fields. In recognition of the company's capabilities, it currently has established a loyal customer base.

  Fomalhaut doesn't do teardown analyses down to the level of chips and circuit boards. Rather, the company excels at activities like carrying out a general analysis of parts and projection of the function of circuit boards and other components is carried out based on observations of the interior and exterior of electric devices, as well as creating block diagrams. These research methods make Fomalhaut comparatively speedy and economical, and it handles an average of 10 projects per month, including devices unrelated to the automotive industry.

Reports for sale

MarkLines offers the following analysis reports and BOMs for new devices for sale:


Our Services

Specifications Specifications
A list of component information including use, vehicles that use the parts, and supplier names; as well as visually observed specs.
Teardown Teardown overview
General structure can be determined at a glance, and this information also serves as an index for the pages below.
Block Diagram Block Diagram
Fomalhaut utilizes its knowledge to represent the entire structure of parts, including assumptions. All functions are represented in the block diagram, and while the details of circuits are not known, in combination with the teardown photo taken from above mentioned previously, a general idea of the structure of the part can be ascertained.
Teardown of circuit boards Observation of circuit boards
While each layer is not separated, mounted elements are analyzed and block diagrams verified to create BOMs and costing.
Microscopic observation Microscopic observation
Areas to be represented by points are magnified to gain a detailed understanding of the technology. While there is no internal analysis of circuit boards or elements performed, general inferences attained through means like examining the circuits and block diagrams makes this a useful form of analysis.
A list with a general view of components based on the analysis methods noted previously. Starting from weight, (some components only) components are organized by categories ranging through price.


MarkLines Co. Ltd., Consulting Services Department
Person in charge: Seiichi Saito
Phone: +81-3-4241-3906