Engine Data

Engine Production Volumes by Country, Maker and Type

The table below displays engine production volumes, which include some estimated figures, for 31 major countries. Our data covers approximately 90 percent of global engine production. Access detailed data, including; makers/groups, engine type/series, displacements, number of valves/cylinders, valve mechanism, fuel type, engine production plants, equipped vehicle models and production volumes.

 - Figures have been updated with latest information. (Aug. 24, 2023) 
Area Engine Producing Countries (2017-2022)
North/South America  USA Canada Mexico
Brazil Argentina
China India Thailand
Indonesia Japan Korea
Malaysia Taiwan Australia
Europe  Germany Italy France
UK Spain Austria
Sweden Russia Turkey
Poland Slovakia Czech Rep.
Uzbekistan Romania Hungary
Other  South Africa Iran  

Source: MarkLines Data Center

Production volume of Vehicles by Engine Type in Europe (2017-2022)

Production figures of models produced in 22 countries in Europe are shown by engine type.
Note that some of the figures included are estimated values.
Details for the engines include engine names, displacement, engine plant locations, and production figures.
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- Figures have been updated with latest information. (Sep. 26, 2023)

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Countries Italy UK Austria Netherlands
Sweden Spain Germany Finland
France Belgium Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Czech Rep. Turkey Hungary
Poland Romania Serbia Bulgaria
Morocco Algeria

Source: INOVEV

(*) Due to varying data sources, some of production statistics by country may differ from engine production volumes by country, maker and engine type.
Also, because the data is production volumes of completed vehicles, it does not coincide with engine production volumes by each country.

Sales by engine displacement in China

Monthly sales data for China is provided based on engine displacement.
Engine displacement data will be updated every month whenever the monthly sales data for China is revised.Click below to open the EXCEL spread sheet:

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