Teardown of Toyota's Flagship Sedan (Part 1)

2.5-liter V6 engine "4GR-FSE"



トヨタクラウン車両分解調査 トヨタクラウン車両分解調査

 A teardown analysis of the Toyota Crown Royal (a luxury sedan sold only in select Asian markets. The most recent model was launched in Japan in December 2012) was performed on November 27, 2015, by the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. This report series will examine the parts and components. Part 1 will focus on the 2.5-liter V6 4GR-FSE engine and powertrain parts. This direct-injection engine has been developed with dynamic performance, fuel economy and quiet operation in mind. It is fitted with Dual VVT-i that is capable of variable control of both intake and exhaust valve timing, and is also fitted with a dual main muffler. Part 2 of the report will focus on the chassis and Part 3 on the body.


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