PCU board circuit analysis for the Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Embedded new DC-DC converter manufactured by Toyota Industries Corporation



  This report describes the PCU (Power Control Unit) installed in the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The PCU incorporates a new DC-DC converter manufactured by Toyota Industries Corporation in addition to an inverter that uses a Denso power module. Compared to the conventional DC-DC converter mounted on the 4th generation Prius, the number of boards has been consolidated from three to one, making it smaller and lighter.

  The PCU of the new Yaris Hybrid is capable of handling 100A of current and has the control function to boost the battery voltage from 177V to 580V. The DC-DC converter converts the battery voltage of 177V to 12V to supply power to the vehicle's auxiliary components.

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Yaris Hybrid

  The hybrid version of the fourth-generation Yaris was launched in Japan in February 2020 and in Europe in the summer of the same year. The Yaris Hybrid is equipped with an evolved version of the THS II (Toyota Hybrid System II) system. In addition to having excellent fuel economy (WLTC mode: 36km/L, WLTP mode: 4.3L/100km), it is equipped with various driver assistance features such as collision damage mitigation braking.

Embedded PCU (Power Control Unit) Mounted board (DC-DC converter) Back side of PCU

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