BMW i3: CFRP Life Module Vehicle Structure

Realizing a 50% weight reduction compared to steel with a RTM molded monocoque structure



 BMW’s i3 EV features a CFRP monocoque cabin. Unlike autoclave molding used for F1 racecars and other purposes, the i3 utilizes RTM molding, which significantly reduces the time needed for the CFRP molding process. RTM molded monocoque bodies have been used in premium sports cars and limited edition vehicles, but BMW’s i3 is the first to feature an RTM molded monocoque body in a production vehicle. This report will cover the structure of the CFRP life module featured in the i3 and describe its characteristics. It was generated by MarkLines in cooperation with the Detroit-based vehicle benchmark engineering company Munro. Munro produces reports based on teardown analyses of various vehicles. The company scrutinizes detailed specifications such as the weight and dimensions of various parts, as well as costs. For detailed information,