Tesla Model Y Teardown: Drive Computer

Equipped with a GPU with advanced image processing capabilities and built-in LTE compatible TCU



Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y (Photo taken at the MarkLines Benchmarking Center)

  The Model Y, announced by Tesla in July 2016, is a five-seater SUV-type electric vehicle (EV) that began deliveries in 2020. The most important feature of Tesla’s vehicles is that they have a huge centralized processing unit. The Model Y is equipped with a processor with advanced image processing capabilities called a Graphic Processor Unit (GPU).

  This unit can be called "Drive Computer" or "Self Driving Computer", but MarkLines calls it "Drive Computer". This report will describe the configuration of this unit. The Model Y Drive Computer is housed in a large, almost A4-sized housing. It contains two large boards, close to the size of the housing, and one small board, about a quarter of the size.


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