Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Powertrain Teardown Analysis

From a report on components benchmarking activities by the Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu



VW ID.3の分解
VW ID.3 teardown at Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu
(Source: Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu)

  The Next-Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu is an organization established in 2018 within the Hamamatsu Agency for Innovation, which provides information on next-generation vehicle technologies and conducts vehicle teardown analysis activities so that member companies, mainly small and medium-sized parts manufacturers, can develop and build prototype components for next-generation vehicles. Currently there are about 420 member companies (as of February 2022), 3/4 of which are in Shizuoka Prefecture, including small and medium-sized companies in the western region of the prefecture, but the remaining 1/4 are from outside the prefecture. Recruitment of member companies from other regions is ongoing.

  The parts disassembled during the parts benchmarking activities are displayed in the components benchmarking room (Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall, 1st floor) for member companies to observe, and the parts are also available for loan to member companies. Member companies, mainly small and medium-sized automobile-related parts manufacturers, can acquire knowledge of the basic structure and parts required to manufacture prototypes of components that will be installed in next-generation automobiles in place of conventional automobile parts.

  In recent years, the organization has been conducting teardown analyses focusing on e-Axles (electric drive axles) installed in overseas-made BEVs (battery electric vehicles), and now the electric powertrain of the Volkswagen ID.3 has been newly added. The Volkswagen ID.3 at the Next Generation Vehicle Center Hamamatsu was purchased with the fiscal year 2021 budget, and the imported vehicle was disassembled after previews and test drives. For this study, the electric powertrain teardown analysis activities were conducted ahead of the vehicle body and other components to introduce the technologies of the installed parts.

  At the FY2021 vehicle teardown and parts benchmarking activities webinar held February 9, 2022, the "ID.3 Electric Powertrain Teardown Analysis Explanation and Report on the Results of Teardown Analyses to Member Companies" was presented and together with the elucidation of the “Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Powertrain Teardown Analysis”, detailed surveys and analysis results of products already displayed including Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i3, Tesla Model 3, and VW e-Golf conducted by member companies were also presented.

  This report uses the contents of the presentation "Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Powertrain Teardown Analysis" given by Mr. Hiroshi Tobita, of the Next Generation Vehicle Strategy Research Institute, Sanko Corporation, to provide an overview of the Volkswagen ID.3 and the components including the motor, reduction gears, inverter, batteries, on-board charger, and DC-DC converter that make up the electric powertrain.


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