Teardown Analysis: Nidec’s E-Axle Inverter Installed on GAC Aion S

Analysis of electronic circuit board and mounting components



  This report will elucidate the Nidec Corporation inverter equipped on the GAC Aion S.

  From the launch of the Aion S in May 2019 through April 2020, 42,000 units have been produced. It is the best-selling model of GAC NE (GAC NIO New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.). The vehicle is equipped with an E-Axle with integrated motor/reduction gear/inverter manufactured by Nidec Corporation (Nidec) and a 58.8kWh lithium-ion battery made by CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.).



Aion S


Nidec E-Axle

Production-launched Ni150EX: 150kW class Inverter for Ni150EX
Nidec E-Axle line-up (Automotive World 2020 exhibit)


  The Nidec E-Axle installed on the Aion S is a product developed by the Nidec Group working together. The motor and reduction gear were developed by Nidec, the inverter by Nidec Elesys Corporation, and Nidec Tosok Corporation, which has strengths in powertrains, was in charge of system integration.

  This report presents a teardown analysis of the hard-to-obtain inverter and survey of components configuration.

  Report created by: LTEC https://www.ltecusa.com/


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