Nissan LEAF Teardown: EV air conditioning systems

Comparison and transition of the MY2010 and MY2017 Leaf’s air conditioning system



 The Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling EV, is often the subject of benchmark surveys. Co-sponsored by Shizuoka prefecture’s Economy and Industry Department and the Hamamatsu Agency for Industrial Innovation’s Next-Generation Automotive Center, the 2017MY LEAF was disassembled for teardown analysis and used for training activities conducted for participating member companies in Shizuoka Prefecture. As part of the same initiative, the 2010MY LEAF was previously disassembled for teardown analysis.

 This report summarizes the coverage on the vehicle tear-down training session for the 2017MY LEAF conducted at the Hamamatsu Industrial Technical Assistance Center on July 11, 2019 as well as an introduction of the organizer's approach to EV research, and the difference between the air conditioning systems of the MY2010 and MY2017 LEAF models.

分解展示場での作業/研修風景 新旧リーフの比較展示
Work/training view of the tear-down exhibition hall at the Hamamatsu Industrial Technology Support Center
(Disassembled parts are displayed on the floor on the left side in the photo)
Comparative displays of the Gen1 and the new Leaf focused on electronic and precision parts.
(The blue tables are for the 2010MY, and the green tables ar for the 2017MY)

(Photographed by reporter)


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