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EMLEG (Emissions Legislation) is a comprehensive summary of worldwide exhaust emissions regulations provided by Ricardo. 
The database covers not only exhaust emissions and fuel economy regulations on passenger cars and light duty trucks, but also widely regulations on heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles and agricultural / constructing equipments, as well as standards and regulations on fuel quality and air environment. In addition, comments and explanations by Ricardo specialists are offered.

Emissions & CO2

Worldwide gas emissions and fuel consumption regulations (provided by: Ricardo Emleg)

WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures)
Worldwide Emission & Fuel Economy/CO2 Regulation Timeline (Passenger Cars & Light Duty Trucks)
Emission Standards Europe EU EU Countries Passenger Cars & Light Duty Trucks
France Passenger Cars & Light Duty Trucks 
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Heavy Duty Vehicles
Korea Passenger Cars & Light Duty Trucks
South East Asia Thailand Passenger Cars & Light Duty Trucks
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UN regulations Table of amended regulations  by JASIC 
Fuel Economy/CO2 Europe EU EU General Update
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(CAFE, etc)
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UN regulations Table of amended regulations by JASIC
Noise UN regulations Table of amended regulations by JASIC
Supplemental Information Test cycles
EU Vehicle Categories

Latest Update

Date Regulation Region Updated Summaries
24 September 2019 Fuel Economy/CO2 EU 1.Monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for heavy duty vehicles will be required starting on 1 January 2019.
2.CO2 emissions targets for heavy duty vehicles will be in place from 2025.
30 August 2019 Emission Standards EU 1) The European Commission prepared a proposal in June 2019 that will amend the main Euro 6 regulation, 715/2007, introducing the conformity factors within this regulation and therefore allowing the discrepancy between real driving emissions and emissions determined under laboratory conditions. The type approval procedure and the introduction dates for the Euro 6 stages will remain unchanged.
2) According to a note from the European Commission published in May 2019, the implementation dates for stages BH and BI will be amended to 31/8/2020
15 August 2019 Fuel Economy/CO2 USA (California State) 1. In July 2019, CARB reached a voluntary framework agreement with four major vehicle manufacturers on the standards for light duty vehicles up to 2026MY.
2. The final approval to the phase 2 standards for heavy duty vehicles was filed in February 2019 and the standards are effective from 1 April 2019.
08 August 2019 Emission Standards China PC & LDT 1. Early introduction of the China 6b standards in Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Guangdong province was reported.
2. The information about adjustments made to the RDE test emissions values during the "extended" ambient conditions was added.
02 August 2019 Emission Standards India The final AIS-137, Part 3 [15] was published in April 2019 and covers the test procedures required for type approval and conformity of production in respect of the BS VI standards, including requirements for the OBD (on-board diagnostics) system, in-service conformity and test procedures for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) except details of RDE test.
26 July 2019 Emission Standards China HDV 1. The China VI standards are being implemented in two phases, VIa and VIb. The implementation dates and difference between two stages are reported.
2. The procedure and environmental conditions for the vehicles' on-road emissions test are updated according to the final China standards.
3. Requirements for crankcase emissions are updated.
4. From the VIb phase, all vehicles will have to transmit the required OBD and emissions data to the Environment Authority and the manufacturers for their full life.
03 July 2019 Emission Standards EU 1) The latest updates of regulations for measuring CO2 emissions with WLTP cycles were described in the regulation 2018/2042 and 2018/2043 published in December 2018.
2) November 2018, ATCT test procedures were updated.
3) The latest updates of RDE test procedures were described in the regulation 2018/1832 published in November 2018.
27 June 2019 WLTP World 1. Amendment 4 was incorporated into existing GTR 15 and published on 20 September 2019 [13][14]
07 June 2019 Fuel Economy/CO2 EU On 25 April 2019, a regulation on post-2025 CO2 emissions targets for passenger cars and LCVs has been published
23 April 2019 Emission Standards Thailand Reported information from the Pollution Control Department, published in May 2018, defines the following schedule for the introduction of higher quality fuels and the next stages of emissions legislation:
1 January 2023: general introduction of Euro 5 fuels (with 10 ppm maximum sulphur concentration)
1 July 2023: introduction of Euro 5 emissions standards
1 July 2029: introduction of Euro 6 emissions standards
11 April 2019 Emission Standards Brazil 1) The regulation containing provisions for the PROCONVE L7 and L8 emissions standards were finalized in December 2018 and L7 and L8 standards will be applied 1 January 2022 and 1 January 2025 respectively.
2) Evaporative and refueling emissions limits, durability requirements, and RDE limits were also finalized.
3) OBD new standards, OBD Br-3, will be introduced for L7 and L8 standards.
18 March 2019 Emission Standards Korea The information of emissions limits and phase-in schedules for gasoline vehicles is updated.
04 March 2019 Emission Standards EU Regulation 2018/1832 was published on 27 November 2018.
Main amendments are
•The new procedures for checking In-service conformity (ISC) are set out and apply to firstly new type approvals of categories M1 and N1 class I vehicles from 1 January 2019.
• Vehicles will need to be equipped with the fuel and/or energy monitoring device from 1 January 2020, firstly for new type approvals of categories M1 and N1 class I vehicles.
•New evaporative emissions test procedures in line with Global Technical Regulation(WLTP EVAP) will have to be used for type approval from 1 September 2019.
24 January 2019 Emission Standards EU 1) The proposed amendments-2018 was finalized as regulation 2018/1832 which was published on 17 November 2018; this applies from 1 January 2019.
2) The information about test procedures to demonstrate the durability of pollution control devices was added.
3) The requirements for the low ambient temperature test were updated.
25 December 2018 Emission Standards Mexico Based on the recently updated fuel standards to specify the sulphur concentration in fuel;
1) The introduction of the "C" standards for gasoline vehicles would start in April 2018.
2) The implementation date of the "C" standards for diesel vehicles is currently unknown due to higher sulphur concentration in diesel fuel.
21 December 2018 Fuel Economy/CO2 EU EU member states and the European Parliament agreed on a regulation to reduce CO2 emissions of passenger cars to a further 37.5% by 2030 compared to targets for 2021.
03 December 2018 Fuel Economy/CO2 EU 1) A draft regulation on post-2025 targets for passenger cars and LCVs has been published.
2) In October 2018 the EU Council's position on the proposed regulation was published
28 November 2018 Fuel Economy/CO2 USA (Federal) On 1 October 2018 EPA published a proposed rule which contains minor technical amendments to the current fuel economy standards for light duty vehicles from model year 2017 to 2025.
19 November 2018 Emission Standards Brazil 1) On 26 October 2018 a proposal to introduce new two stages of emissions standards planned to be effective from 2022 and 2025 was published.
2) OBD Br+ was amended from OBDBr-2 and applied from 1 January 2018
3) A proposed law was prepared in 2011 to re-introduce the sale of diesel light duty vehicles. However, as of the end of 2018 no further information on the status of this proposal is available
13 November 2018 Others WLTP 1. Amendment 3 [12] was incorporated into existing GTR 15 and published on 1 February 2018 [11].
2. The test cycle name for class 3 vehicles is changed to make better correlation between vehicle class name and test cycle name [11].
3. Amendment 3 [12] introduced the improvement of gear shifting procedure.
31 October 2018 Emission Standards USA (California State) 1. The OBD II requirements as of October 2018 are updated.
2. The LEV III FTP and SFTP requirements are updated.
3. The information about ZEV programme as of October 2018 is updated.
4. The members of so called CARB states (Section 177 states) were updated.
22 October 2018 Fuel Economy/CO2 USA (California State) 1. As for the California Phase 2 light duty vehicles standards, the CARB Board did not agree to the EPA proposal to keep the federal MY 2020 Phase 2 standards unchanged for MY 2021 to MY 2026 and decided to keep the original Phase 2 standards in place through to MY 2025.
2. The California Phase 2 heavy duty vehicle programme was approved by the Board in February 2018; the rule should be finalized by the end of 2018.
18 October 2018 Supplemental Information EU 1. The present EU directive 2007/46/EC for the type approval of motor vehicles is updated.
2. A new regulation, 2018/858 [6], was published in May 2018 and contains updated provisions for the EU type approval of motor vehicles. This regulation will be in force from 1 September 2020.
01 October 2018 Fuel Economy/CO2 USA (Federal) 1) The EPA and NHTSA Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Proposed Rule was published in August 2018. 
2) The fuel economy targets established for model year 2020 would also apply for model years 2021 to 2026.
3) The exclusion of air conditioning refrigerant leakages, methane and nitrous oxide from the calculation of GHG emissions starting with model year 2021 is also proposed.
4) The EPA is also proposing the withdrawal of California's Clean Air Act Preemption Waiver, so that standards can be set and enforced at a national level.