Tesla Model Y Teardown: Suspension

High-maneuverability design similar to European premium sedans; based on Munro teardown survey data



  The Model Y is fundamentally designed following the design of the Model 3, with about 54% of the vehicle's components being carry-over parts. The front and rear suspensions fundamentally have the same design as the Model 3, with four of the five rear wheel arms having the same part numbers. The suspension is designed to emphasize maneuverability, which is preferred in European high performance sedans. The air suspension and ride height adjustment functions that are available on the Model X and other high-end models are not available on either the Model 3 or Y.

  This report describes the suspension components based on the analysis report of the teardown survey of the 2020MY Tesla Model Y, AWD performance upgrade package (456 HP) 5-seater version conducted by Munro & Associates, Inc. (Munro). Parts not mentioned in this paper, as well as weight, manufacturing process analysis, and cost analysis for all parts are shown in the main body of Munro's full report.

The front and rear suspensions, along with the drive motor, are attached to the body via a subframe. The photos show the front from the front of the vehicle and the rear from the rear of the vehicle. (Source: Munro)


  MarkLines works in cooperation with the Detroit-based vehicle benchmark engineering company Munro & Associates, Inc. (Munro). Munro conducts teardown surveys of various types of vehicles and conducts detailed specification and cost analysis of all the components, including weight and dimensions, and provides reports on the analysis results. For detailed information, please make an inquiry here.


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