BMW 320i Teardown: ADAS/onboard devices

Equipped with 12 cameras and sensors including ZF 3-lens camera



  The BMW 3 Series launched in 2019 has more enhanced ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) functions. A particularly noteworthy function is the congested driving support function with hands-off feature, its first installation in a Japanese market model; if the driver is caught in a traffic jam while driving on a highway, under certain conditions and by activation of the assist system, the driver can continue driving with his/her hands off the steering wheel because the vehicle can steer itself automatically. In addition, not only the steering but acceleration and braking are also operated automatically (from BMW website).

  To realize this function, a 3-lens camera has been installed in the upper part of the windshield and a long-range radar is installed at the front of the vehicle. Moreover, to be compliant with Japanese laws and regulations, a driver monitoring system has been introduced.

  Besides these, in addition to typical ADAS functions, such functions as lane change assist that assists steering operation when changing lanes, improved risk prediction from the advanced 3-lens camera, and collision avoidance and damage mitigation brake functions are supported.

BMW 320i M Sport 分解調査 BMW 320i M Sport 分解調査
3-lens camera (photo provided by Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization)



  This report describes BMW’s newest ADAS focusing on preventive safety functional products, among the electronic components installed on the BMW 320i M Sport.

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