Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid Teardown: Details of 1.5L HEV Engine

Expansion ratio (Atkinson), variable valve timing and lift, etc.



The disassembly work was conducted with the cooperation of the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology.
The vehicle grade of the subject engine is e:HEV Crosstar FF

  The material for this report is from the Honda Fit Hybrid Disassembly Study Workshop conducted on September 16 and 17 and the disassembled components Display and Confirmation Meeting held October 1 and 2 under the sponsorship of the Saitama Industrial Promotion Public Corporation, Next-Generation Vehicle Support Center.

  The Honda Fit, which underwent a full model change in February 2020, has an updated hybrid system and incorporates a high-end vehicle system. The subject engine for analysis is a 1.5L hybrid-dedicated engine (gasoline engine vehicle has a 1.3L engine), and although the hybrid system was updated to be used mainly for power generation, it can also be used to propel the vehicle on engine power alone, such as for high-speed cruising. Propulsion by a combination of engine and electric motor drive occurs only under very limited conditions, such as on steep gradients and during rapid acceleration.


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