Teardown of Toyota’s Flagship Sedan (4): Photo gallery

Photographs of 203 parts and a list of suppliers



 分解中のトヨタクラウンThis is a continuation (Part 4) of a series reporting on a teardown analysis of the Toyota Crown Royal performed in November 2015 by the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. See Part 1 (2.5-liter V6 engine “4GR-FSE”), Part 2 (Chassis technology for high-end rear-wheel drive cars common to Toyota and Lexus vehicles), and Part 3 (High-rigidity body structure for crash safety, handling stability and quietness) for earlier reports on the teardown. This report contains a list of parts suppliers and detailed photographs of 203 parts and components including those not introduced in earlier reports.

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  Nissan Leaf teardown (Part 1) (Feb. 2012)
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  Nissan Leaf teardown (Part 3): body cutaway (Nov. 2012)

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