BMW i3: Battery System

Lithium-ion battery module structure, cooling/warm-up system



 In addition to the 21.8 kWh lithium-ion battery featured on BMW's i3 EV that was available from the time the vehicle was launched, a 33.3 kWh version was released in 2016. The new battery extends the driving range of the European model by 1.5 times, from 190 km to 300 km. In either case, the battery case is the same size and located under the cabin. The batteries are supplied by Samsung SDI. This report will cover the 21.8 kWh battery system. It was generated by MarkLines in cooperation with the Detroit-based vehicle benchmark engineering company Munro. Munro produces reports based on teardown analyses of various vehicles. The company scrutinizes detailed specifications such as the weight and dimensions of various parts, as well as costs. For detailed information, please make an inquiry through the following site.