Nissan Serena (C27), ADAS ECU Benchmarking Report



 Releasing in August 2016 on Serena, Nissan launched its development ProPILOT, a kind of autonomous driving technology. The technology provides support for drivers, by autonomous driving along single lanes on highways for the first time among Japanese OEMs. The combination of the camera module and the controlling ECU enables vehicle speed control, platooning (closely following the vehicle ahead) until stop, holding stop, and steering control ( the steering control is active in all speed range).

 The camera module, by TRW, consists of three circuit boards ( camera board, control board and connector board). The control board adopts a ten-layer built-up circuit board structure, to realize the following functions utilizing the information from the high performance mono-eyed camera after image processing with Mobileye EyeQ3 : 

  • -Internal power supply
  • -CAN communications
  • -Image processing
  • -Control by microcomputers

  Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is applied on the backside of the module, improving heat dissipation. Remarkably, Magnesium (Mg) is contained in the housing material.

Fig.1-1 カメラモジュール製品外観
Fig.1-1 camera module  top view
Fig.1-2 カメラモジュール製品裏面
Fig.1-2 camera module bottom view
Fig.2 Camera module control board top view Fig.3 Package of  Mobileye
Fig.4-1 チップ全体写真 Fig.4-1 チップマーキングMobileye製EyeQ3
Fig.4-1 Whole view of the chip
Mobileye EyeQ3
Fig.4-2 Chip markings of
Mobileye EyeQ3