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Information Platform

A members only information service that saves companies money and time by providing essential information about automotive production from countries around the world.


Available Information Menus

Vehicle Statistics

Sales Data (62 countries)
Data by model, month, and segment
Sales figures (63 countries)
Production Data (43 countries)
Output data as an Excel graph
Production figures (42 countries)
Engine Data
Engine data by country (31 countries), maker, or model (provided annually)

Market Forecast

MarkLines provides forecast reports of the automotive market and the industry every month.
The report incorporates data from LMC Automotive Ltd., and is released throughout the year.

Model Launch Schedules

Model plans of the main international OEMs for the upcoming 5 years
List of OEMs and countries
Model Launch

Electric / Autonomous

The target of publication is to update the data for every full model change and minor model change for major HV, PHV, EV, and FCV models.


Market & Tech Reports

Every month 10 to 12 reports are posted. Topics include international OEMs, regional trends, exhibitions held around the world (vehicles/components), technology, the environment, safety, and much more.

Find Suppliers

A database for selecting outsource and procurement partners for system solutions like automobile components, processing, dies, materials, CAD, and CAM, as well as other services.

OEM Plants

OEM plant data listed by categories including production model, capacity, actual production, and more. The data can be filtered by OEM and country, and plotted on a map.

Who Supplies Whom

  • Supply information filtered by part and model for around 300 components
    (Japan, Europe, the U.S., China, India, and more.)
  • Market share information filtered by parts.
  • Analysis reports for major components like automatic transmissions, air conditioners, seats, and navigation systems.

60,000 Database

  • A database that covers the information of around 60,000 automotive parts supply companies around the world, including those in developing countries.
  • Suppliers can be searched by part name or type (around 1,000 kinds), and the position of their plants plotted on a map.
  • It is possible to search parts by the process used to manufacture them.

Top 400 Suppliers

Detailed reports on major suppliers. This section covers not only business trends and news, but also includes pictures from exhibitions and information on panels.


  • Information on the regulation trends of major countries for emissions and fuel efficiency from Ricardo EMLEG.
  • Summaries of revisions to UN regulations and the U.S. FMVSS


  • News from the automotive industry around the world (OEMs, parts suppliers, government policies for automobiles, regulations.)
  • Summaries of articles from the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Newspaper (Japanese automotive industry daily)
  • An article search feature is included.

Annual Service Fees

Effective from July 1, 2023

Contract Location Currency Number of Users
Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 10 Up to 20 Unlimited
America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil Asia: Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and other countries US$ $ 5,100
$ 6,300
$ 10,200
$ 15,300
$ 20,400
Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Czech, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Portugal Euro € 5,100
€ 6,300
€ 10,200
€ 15,300
€ 20,400
UK Pound £ 4,200
£ 5,400
£ 8,400
£ 12,600
£ 16,800
China * RMB RMB 36,000
RMB 45,000
RMB 72,000
RMB 108,000
RMB 144,000
Japan ** Yen ¥ 600,000
¥ 780,000
¥ 1,200,000
¥ 1,800,000
¥ 2,400,000
  1. With every renewal, your company is eligible to get 2 Free user accounts, not exceeding 10 free users in 5 years. (This program is only for manufacturing companies). Please be aware that a reduction in the number of registered users will result in the invalidation of the free registrations that had been issue.
  2. The fees quoted above are applied to each legal entity. Any affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, foreign branches, or foreign representative offices of the subscriber company must sign up separately.
  3. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Please note subscriptions from consulting firms or research companies may be refused.
  • * The service fee for China includes value added tax (VAT) from April 4,2012.
  • ** Consumption tax will be charged to the service fee of Japan.


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A promotional B2B hub used to market products and services towards targeted audiences at Japanese automakers and tier 1 suppliers.