Ford F-150 Lightning Teardown: Body, Frame, Suspension, and Brakes

Structural features and differences from engine-equipped models, based on Munro teardown survey data



Ford F-150 Lightning
The engine and transmission were removed in the conversion to EV, while high-voltage (yellow section in the figure above) and other components were added. The basic design of the body and frame remains unchanged, but the rear axle has been changed to an independent suspension.

Source: Munro Cost Analysis Report Zone 1

  This report presents an outline of the structure and some components of the characteristic full aluminum body and supporting steel frame of the F-150 Lightning electric vehicle model added to Ford’s mainstay F-150 pickup truck lineup and common to the F-150 series, from the Zone 1 study of the detailed teardown and cost analysis report prepared by Munro. In addition, the structure of the rear independent suspension, which is different from the engine-equipped vehicles, is also shown based on the same study.

  The brake booster/master cylinder is an electronic/hydraulic type, which is essential for EVs, and its structure is shown. The F-150 engine-equipped vehicles also use the same components and do not require engine vacuum.


  MarkLines works in cooperation with the Detroit-based vehicle benchmark engineering company Munro & Associates, Inc. (Munro). Munro conducts teardown surveys of various types of vehicles and conducts detailed specification and cost analysis of all the components, including weight and dimensions, and provides reports on the analysis results. For further information, please make an inquiry here.


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