Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid Teardown: Body Structure and Basic Functions

Key components that determine vehicle dynamics: Suspension, steering, and braking systems



ホンダ フィット ハイブリッド分解調査
Fit Hybrid teardown display and confirmation event

  This report covers the vehicle teardown work conducted on September 16 and 17 (at the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology) and the disassembled components exhibition and confirmation meeting held on October 1 and 2 (at the SAITEC Saitama Industrial Technology Center) organized by the Next Generation Vehicle Support Center of the Saitama Industrial Promotion Corporation.
  At the teardown components exhibition, information was provided to the participating companies through the display of the disassembled components and explanatory panels. The model grade of the disassembled vehicle was the Honda e:HEV Crosstar FF. The body panels other than the front bumper and engine hood were not disassembled, and the suspension also was displayed in its mounted state.

  The Fit underwent a full model change in February 2020, but the body structure and suspension design are carried over from the previous model, with some exceptions. In addition to these elements, this paper covers steering and brake components, and together with the engine and electric drive components already reported, covers all systems related to a vehicle’s dynamics.


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