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A members only information service that saves companies in the automotive industry time and money by providing essential information about suppliers around the world (including who supplies whom, plant data, and market trends), sales and production statistics, reports on technology and market trends, model plan data including forecasts, and more. All information is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English.
All of this information is gathered independently through means like press releases, interviews, purchases from independent agencies, and cooperation with other companies. The data is then integrated and analyzed, converted into a database for industry professionals, and made available to members.

What is a platform?

In the automotive industry, a platform is a series of components used in common for a number of different models to reduce development time and costs, as well as to raise quality. This is an increasingly mainstream development concept for automakers, who face stiff price competition.
Auto industry companies that access our "information platform" gain a similar effect to that described above. In short, it is a tool for optimizing information strategies.

Service Advantages

1.Cost effectiveness

Purchasing various information sources individually&An All-in-One Package

A variety of information is essential for everyday business...

StatisticsStatistics Automotive production and sales numbers are key indicators for management decisions.
Share informationShare information Share information is essential for competitive analysis.
International exhibition informationInternational exhibition information Attending the automotive exhibitions held all around the world is a shortcut to understanding the trends of customers and competitors through direct contact with new products and technologies.
Industry journalsIndustry journals Reading financial journals is not enough. Industry journals are an important communication tool for related companies.
Monthly research reportsMonthly research reports Monthly reports that sort through and analyze subjects like new technologies, markets, and OEM trends are a treasure trove of information for developing business materials.


Purchasing all of these materials individually and traveling around the world to attend various events is prohibitively expensive. Our information platform is an all-in-one package that offers access to all manner of essential information with one ID.

2.Content improvements at no extra charge


Since our company was founded in 2001, we have steadily improved the content on our website according to customer requests without changes to our membership fees.

3.A practical service

  • MarkLines is a website, so content is updated more speedily than printed medium
  • The service is highly convenient (information can be copy and pasted, there is an Excel download function, and more)
  • With an internet connection, the service is available anywhere at anytime. The information platform can be accessed to continue working when visiting an outsource supplier or on the move, without the need to carry heavy materials.

4.The service is offered in multiple languages to offer globalization support

Whether a company has already expanded overseas, or is planning to do so in the future, sharing information between offices is essential to truly become global.
The information platform offers nearly identical content in Japanese, English, and Chinese, and it is possible to switch between these languages with a single click.

5.A support network based in six countries

After joining the MarkLines service members are supported by offices in Japan, the U.S., China, Thailand, Germany, and India.

Available Information Menus

Vehicle Statistics

Sales Data (66 countries) Data by model, month, and segment
Output data as an Excel graph
Sales figures (63 countries)
Production Data (44 countries) Production figures (42 countries)
Engine Data Engine data by country (31 countries), maker, or model (provided annually)

Model Launch Schedules

By OEM / Market / Model Model plans for the main international OEMs for the upcoming 5 years List of OEMs and countries
Green Vehicles A database of detailed specs and model release plans for around 500 green vehicles (HV/PHV/EV/FCV) that are on the market or currently undergoing development
Future Models

Market & Tech Reports

Every month 10 to 12 reports are posted. Topics include international OEMs, regional trends, exhibitions held around the world (vehicles/components), technology, the environment, safety, and much more.

Find Suppliers

A database for selecting outsource and procurement partners for system solutions like automobile components, processing, dies, materials, CAD, and CAM, as well as other services.

OEM Plants

OEM plant data listed by categories including production model, capacity, actual production, and more.
The data can be filtered by OEM and country, and plotted on a map.

Who Supplies Whom

  • Supply information filtered by part and model for around 300 components (Japan, Europe, the U.S., China, India, and more.)
  • Market share information filtered by parts.
  • Analysis reports for major components like automatic transmissions, air conditioners, seats, and navigation systems.

50,000 Database

  • A database that covers the information of around 50,000 automotive parts supply companies around the world, including those in developing countries
  • Suppliers can be searched by part name or type (around 1,000 kinds), and the position of their plants plotted on a map.
  • It is possible to search parts by the process used to manufacture them.

Top 400 Suppliers

Detailed reports on major suppliers. This section covers not only business trends and news, but also includes pictures from exhibitions and information on panels.


  • Information on the regulation trends of major countries for emissions and fuel efficiency from Ricardo EMLEG.
  • Summaries of revisions to UN regulations and the U.S. FMVSS


  • News from the automotive industry around the world (OEMs, parts suppliers, government policies for automobiles, regulations.)
  • Summaries of articles from the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Newspaper (Japanese automotive industry daily)
  • An article search feature is included

Annual Service Fees

Individual users can access the Information Platform with multiple devices including PCs and smartphones.

Number of Users
Country Currency Unlimited Up to 10 Up to 4 Up to 2
Australia Australian$ 14,700 10,200 7,500 6,000
Austria Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Belgium Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Brazil Real 37,200 26,400 19,200 15,000
Canada Canadian $ 15,300 10,800 7,500 6,000
China ※ RMB 86,400 63,600 45,000 36,000
Czech Kc 255,600 180,000 127,800 102,300
France Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Germany Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Hungary Forint 2,820,000 1,974,000 1,410,000 1,128,000
India Rupee 600,000 468,000 336,000 268,800
Indonesia Indonesia Rupiah 150,000,000 105,000,000 75,000,000 60,000,000
Italy Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Korea Won 12,600,000 8,820,000 6,300,000 5,040,000
Malaysia Ringgit 45,000 31,500 22,500 18,000
Mexico Peso 183,600 128,400 91,800 75,000
Netherlands Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Norway Kroner 82,200 57,600 41,100 33,000
Philippines Peso 567,000 396,000 283,500 226,800
Poland Zloty 40,200 28,200 20,100 16,200
Portugal Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Singapore Singapore $ 18,300 12,900 9,300 7,200
South Africa Rand 150,000 104,400 75,000 60,000
Spain Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Sweden Krona 100,800 70,500 50,400 40,200
Taiwan NT $ 387,000 272,100 193,500 154,800
Thailand Baht 388,200 273,000 194,100 155,400
Turkey TRY 60,000 42,000 30,000 24,000
UK Pound 8,400 6,000 4,200 3,300
USA US $ 12,600 9,000 6,300 5,100
Vietnam Dong 226,320,000 158,400,000 113,160,000 90,540,000

Effective on and after October 1, 2019

Membership Process

Download the application form and send it MarkLines by FAX.

Register new users individually.

We will provide IDs and passwords by email. Use these to login from the designated page.

All of MarkLines services become available for use.

【STEP1】Apply for Membership After confirming the pricing table, corporate customers can download an application form from the following link, and fax it to MarkLines (+81-3-5785-1370).
【STEP2】User Registration We will send an ID to register members (an ID and password) the following business day. Use this at the following link to register users.
>User Registration
【STEP3】IDs and Passwords are Issued Users registered under STEP 2 will automatically receive an ID and password by email. Login from the PC that these will be used at.
【STEP4】Begin Using the Information Platform The content on our website can be freely utilized once login is complete. The pages of interest can be accessed from the top page. After a user logs in once, from then on they will be logged in automatically, so there is no need to use the ID and password again.

What is the Automotive Industry Portal?
MarkLines Automotive Industry Portal offers two services to companies around the world. The first is the "Information Platform," which posts a variety of information about the automotive industry on our website. The second is the "LINES" promotional service, through which companies can advertise their products to Japanese OEMs.