Differences of Tesla Model Y made in U.S. and China (1) Electric Powertrain

Chinese-made Model Y teardown analysis by Kobelco Research Institute



 The Tesla Model Y was launched in the U.S. in 2020, with China local production starting in 2021 at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

 The Model Y is a four-wheel drive (4WD) crossover SUV and shares many electric powertrain components with the Model 3, but there are some differences between the Chinese-made Model Y and the U.S.-made Model Y. The Chinese-made Model Y has the winding method of the rear motor changed to SC windings and the power device of the front power control unit was changed from Infineon to STMicroelectronics.

 Munro & Associates, Inc. conducted a teardown survey of the U.S.-made Model Y in 2020, and detailed information is available from MarkLines, Co., Ltd. However, the teardown survey of the Chinese-made Model Y has been performed by Kobelco Research Institute Inc. and the detailed information relating to this teardown survey is scheduled to be sold by MarkLines Co, Ltd.

 This report introduces the technical contents of the electric powertrain technology resulting from the teardown and analysis of the Chinese-made Tesla Model Y conducted by Kobelco Research Institute.

コベルコ科研によるTesla Model Yの分解 電動パワートレインの分解品
Teardown of the Tesla Model Y by Kobelco Research Institute Disassembled electric powertrain components

(Source: Kobelco Research Institute)


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