BMW 320i Teardown: Body strength members, exterior parts

Body parts with mobility performance and collision safety



  This report will be the fourth related to the teardown analysis of the BMW 320i M Sport hosted by the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. The last report introduced various major systems such as suspension, steering, and braking. This report will provide a detailed analysis on the body parts of the vehicle which effectively allow the performance and mobility of these systems to be fully utilized, protecting passengers from collisions.


Overview of the body parts of the vehicle used in the teardown analysis

  BMW is an automaker that has actively incorporated switching structural member materials to aluminum and bonding of different materials. Being a mid-tier model in BMW’s lineup, the 3 Series does not aggressively employ these technologies in consideration of cost effectiveness and repairability. However, BMW prioritized function over costs when it came to materials and construction methods necessary for body rigidity and collision safety.


BMW 320i M Sport 分解調査 BMW 320i M Sport 分解調査
BMW 320i M Sport before teardown (left) and body in white exposed (right).

(Photographed by reporter, the same hereinafter)


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