Nidec Corporation 200kW e-Axle (for Geely Auto ZEEKR 001) Teardown Survey Report

Differences from 100-150kW e-Axle in GAC Aion New Energy Automobile's Aion S



吉利汽車ZEEKR 001搭載 200kW e-Axle
Geely Auto ZEEKR 001 equipped with 200kW e-Axle

  Nidec's e-Axle used in Chinese BEVs were 100kW-150kW class models, but the Geely Auto ZEEKR 001 launched in 2021 is the first to use the Ni200Ex with a maximum output of 200kW.

  MarkLines, Co., Ltd. has acquired and disassembled the Ni200Ex.  This report introduces the differences between the Nidec Corporation (Nidec) 200kW e-Axle and the Nidec e-Axle (100-150kW) installed in the GAC Aion New Energy Aion S, which we previously disassembled.

  The e-Axle Ni200Ex is not an upgraded version of the previous model, but a newly developed product.


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