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Engine (Starter/Battery System)

Engine (Ignition System)

Engine (Forced Induction System)

Wheel & Tire


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Americas (124 items, 51 categories): Window Glass, Fog Lamp, Head Lamp, Catalytic Converter among others.
Europe (114 items, 10 categories): OBD Interface, Engine Control Unit, Carbon Canister, Catalytic Converter among others.
Japan (15 items, 9 categories): HV/PHV/EV Battery, Engine Control Unit, Cylinder Head Cover among others.
China (875 items, 15 categories): ABS / ESC, OBD Interface, Catalytic Converter, Traction Motor among others.
ASEAN・India (22 items, 22 categories): EGR System, Keyless Entry / Start System, Head Lamp among others.

Americas (18 items, 12 categories): Engine Control Unit, Console, Chassis Frame among others.
Europe (52 items, 40 categories): Inside Door Handle, Instrument Panel, Car Audio, Bumper Beam among others.
Japan (11 items, 5 categories): Turbo / Supercharger, Disc Brake (Caliper), Disc Brake (Rotor) among others.
ASEAN・India (3 items, 1 categories): Seat

Americas (30 items, 21 categories): Side Airbag, Shock Absorber, Seat, Steering Wheel among others.
Europe (13 items, 7 categories): Side Airbag, Seat Belt, Steering Wheel, Passenger Airbag among others.
Japan (14 items, 11 categories): Air Conditioning / HVAC, Curtain Airbag, Passenger Airbag among others.
China (103 items, 4 categories): Window Glass, Window Regulator, Cockpit Module, Tire
ASEAN・India (4 items, 4 categories): Seat, Seat Belt, Steering Wheel, Tire