Magna International Inc.

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337 Magna Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 7K1

Business Overview

-The Company is a diversified global automotive supplier and mobility technology company which primarily serves passenger car and light truck OEMs. The Company develops and manufactures products and systems in the areas of body exteriors and structures, power and vision technologies, seating systems, powertrain systems, chassis, ADAS, electronics, mechatronics, mirrors, lighting, and roofs. The Company also provides complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing expertise.

-The Company is organized into the following four product segments:

  • Body Exteriors & Structures
  • Power & Vision
  • Seating Systems
  • Complete Vehicles

-On June 1, 2023, the Company completed the acquisition of Veoneer Active Safety from SSW Partners. Veoneer is a global supplier of active safety products including active safety integration systems, radars, camera systems, internal cabin sensing systems, thermal sensing systems, and light detection systems. The Company acquired Veoneer at a purchase price of USD 1,438 million. Veoneer’s operations will be integrated into the Company’s Power & Vision operating segment.


Groups Divisions Competitors
Body Exteriors & Structures Body & Chassis

-F&P America Mfg., Inc.
-Georg Fischer
-Iroquois Industries Inc.
-Ogihara America Corp.
-Thai Summit Group
-Tower International

Exteriors -ABC Technologies
-Plastic Omnium
-Samvardhana Motherson Peguform
-SRG Global Inc
Power & Vision Powertrain -AAM
-EnPower Electronics
-Jing-Jin Electric
-Johnson Electric Machinery Factory
-Valeo Siemens
Electronics -Aptiv
Mirrors -Ficosa
-SMR Automotive
Lighting -Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting System
-Hella (Forvia)
Mechatronics -ADAC Automotive
Roof Systems -Inalfa Roof Systems
Seating Systems Seating -Adient
-Faurecia (Forvia)
Complete Vehicles Vehicle Engineering & Contract Manufacturing -Bertrandt
-EDAG Engineering
-VDL Nedcar


-The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.


Body Exteriors & Structures
Body and chassis systems
-Body systems

  • Exterior sheet metals and closure systems
  • Body structure systems
  • Energy management solutions
  • Thin wall aluminum castings
  • High pressure vacuum castings
  • Advanced high strength steels
  • Steel battery enclosures
  • Aluminum battery enclosures
  • Composite battery covers

-Chassis systems

  • Frame assemblies
  • Chassis subframes
  • Twist axles
  • Structural assemblies
  • Carbon fiber subframe
  • Suspension links and arms
  • Complete chassis modules
  • Control arms
  • Front cradles
  • Rear cradles
  • Trailer hitches

-Structural components

  • Firewalls
  • Engine tunnels
  • Cab and trailer floors
  • Cab structure
  • Front end carriers
  • Cowls
  • IP supports
  • Bumper beams
  • Wind blades
  • A-, B-, C-pillars
  • Shock towers
  • Front rails
  • Rear rails

-Class A composite panels

  • Body panels
  • Fenders and cab skirts
  • Door panels
  • Quarter panels
  • Deck lids
  • Hoods
  • Roofs
  • Liftgates and tailgates
  • Pickup boxes
  • Sunvisors
  • Complete roof panels

Exterior systems
-Front and rear end fascia systems

  • Front and rear fascias
  • Thin wall fascias
  • Active grille systems
  • Energy management systems

-Exterior trims

  • Body side and roof ditch moldings
  • Wheel opening moldings
  • Rocker panels and claddings
  • Rocker moldings
  • Claddings/body side moldings
  • Spoilers and grilles
  • Decklid and pillar appliques
  • Roof racks/rails
  • Static and automated running boards
  • Tonneau covers
  • Engineered glass
  • PureView seamless sliding window
  • Day Light Opening (DLO)
  • Outer Belt Moldings
  • Box steps
  • Bumper steps
  • Claddings
  • Breakthrough Lighting systems

-Modular systems

  • Front and rear end modules
  • Liftgate modules
  • Soft tops
  • Roof modules
  • Door modules
  • Liftgate sensor integration
  • Polycarbonate roof modules

-Active aerodynamics

  • Visible and invisible active grille shutters
  • Active front wheel deflectors
  • Active air deflectors
  • Active underbody panels
  • Active liftgate spoilers
  • Active rocker panels
  • Active rear diffusers
  • Morphing Surfaces

-Under hood and underbody components

  • Battery boxes
  • Oil and transmission pans
  • Engine valve covers
  • Fan shrouds
  • Underbody shields
  • Wiper support systems

-Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) materials

  • EpicBlendSMC – sheet molding compound in multiple formulations

Power & Vision
Powertrain systems
-Driveline systems

  • Active transfer cases (ATC)
  • Beveloid transfer cases
  • Rear axle drive – dual ATC
  • Dynamax - AWD coupling systems
  • Four-wheel drive systems
  • All-wheel drive systems
  • Flex4 disconnect systems
  • Flex4 couplings
  • Front axle drive
  • Integrated transfer cases
  • ActiMax single-speed active transfer cases
  • UltiMax two-speed transfer cases
  • TruMax full time single-speed transfer cases
  • EcoMax chain drive active transfer cases
  • PerforMax dual-clutch torque vectoring rear drive systems
  • Power take off units
  • Pro-active coupling
  • Powertrain control modules
  • Rear driveline control modules
  • TWIN rear drive system

-Metal-forming solutions

  • Accessory drives
  • Cam and rock cover
  • Transmission and clutch modules
  • 1-piece flexplate assemblies
  • Integrated engine front covers
  • Oil pan modules
  • Clutch housings
  • Shafts and geared products
  • Oil pans
  • Water management components
  • 2-piece flexplate assemblies
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Sprockets
  • Clutch hubs
  • Clutch shells
  • Electric selectable reverse one-way clutches
  • Planetary carriers and modules
  • eMotor housings
  • eCoupling electromagnetically-actuated couplings
  • eCoupling Plus electromagnetically-actuated multi-mode devices
  • eSelectable grounding clutches
  • Electric one-way clutches
  • Aluminum inverter and battery covers

-Transmission solutions

  • 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions
  • 8-speed dual-clutch transmissions
  • 5-speed manual transmissions
  • 6-speed manual transmissions
  • Scalable inline manual transmissions

-etelligentDrive solutions

  • 7-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmissions
  • 5-speed automated hybrid transmission
  • 6-speed hybrid manual transmissions
  • 6-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission
  • eDS electric drive system
  • Electic drive units
  • Dedicated hybrid transmissions
  • Intelligent connected powertrain solutions
  • Hybrid transmissions with torque-split technology
  • Small hybridized six-speed manual transmission
  • EtelligentEco plug-in hybrid powertrain solution for front-wheel drive SUVs
  • EtelligentReach battery electric vehicle powertrain solution
  • EtelligentForce battery electric powertrain solution for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles
  • EtelligentCommand plug-in hybrid powertrain solution

-Energy storage systems

  • Fuel tanks for passenger cars (steel and plastic)
  • Fuel tanks for trucks (steel, plastic and aluminum)
  • Filler tubes and filler necks (stainless steel and plastic)
  • Combi tanks for commercial vehicles
  • Fueling supply systems
  • Filler cap modules
  • Filler pipes
  • Tank caps and oil caps
  • Diesel misfuelling protection
  • Fuel supply units/valves
  • Components for oil and cooling water systems
  • Alternative fuel systems
  • CNG lightweight storage systems
  • Pressurized tanks for PHEV
  • Aluminum truck tanks with inner layer coatings
  • Hydrogen storage systems
  • Compressed air tanks
  • Plastic tanks
  • Integrated tank carriers

-ESSI: Engineering services and system integration

Electronic systems
-Driver assistance and safety systems

  • Rear vision camera
  • 185o crossing traffic camera
  • 360o panorama vision
  • SurroundVue 360o birds-eye view
  • Front camera modules
  • Single and multi cameras
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Icon Radar
  • Solid state lidar
  • Domain controller
  • Object detection
  • Intelligent headlamp control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Forward collision warning
  • Blind spot detection
  • Lighting automation
  • Complete environmental awareness
  • Head-up displays
  • Automated parking systems
  • Personal park assist system
  • Autonomous valet system
  • Automated highway driving
  • Automated emergency braking
  • Rear seat monitoring
  • Driver monitoring systems
  • Trailer angle detection
  • Dirty lens detection
  • Automatic high beam
  • Intelligent light ranging
  • Glare free high beam
  • Spot lighting

-Intelligent power systems

  • Engine cooling fans
  • Oil/water pump electronic control modules
  • Transfer case control modules
  • Power lift gates
  • Clutch control modules
  • Intelligent chassis control modules
  • Mechatronic control modules
  • Variable blower controllers
  • Roof control units
  • Roller blind control units
  • Door locking / Window lifters
  • Relays
  • Fuses and relay boxes
  • Battery management systems
  • Cell sensing boards
  • Glow plug control units

-Body electronics and HMI

  • Mirror electronics
  • Humidity sensors
  • Consoles and displays
  • Body controllers
  • Trailer modules
  • Brushed and burshless motor controllers

-Engine electronics and liquid sensors

  • Liquid level sensors
  • Glow plug control units

-Interior mirrors

  • Electrochromic glass (auto-dimming)
  • Prismatic mirrors
  • Infinity premium styled mirrors
  • ClearView mirrors which can show rear-mounted camera view
  • Telematics
  • Compass and temperature
  • Displays
  • Sensor integration
  • Bluetooth and hands free connectivity
  • Navigation
  • Microphone
  • Automatic garage door openers
  • Electronic toll collect (ETC)

-Exterior mirrors

  • Electrochromic glass (auto-dimming)
  • Framed and frameless glass
  • Turn signal lighting
  • Ground illumination
  • Integrated blind spot detection
  • Integrated cameras
  • Body-matched paint
  • PowerFold - power folding mirrors
  • PowerExtend - power extendable mirrors
  • BlindZoneMirror - convex mirror integrated into reflective surface of side mirror
  • ClearView mirrors with integrated camera
  • HiddenSignal mirrors with integrated turn signal
  • Exfinity frameless mirrors
  • Mirrors with integrated projection lighting systems


  • HVAC
  • Exterior glass movement
  • Interior mirror adjustments
  • Active bend lighting
  • PowerFold
  • PowerExtend

-Electronic vision systems

  • Side blind zone assist
  • Lane change assist
  • ReversAid - wide-angle camera of blind spots
  • VideoMirror - rearview mirror with integrated video screen

-Overhead console technologies

  • Passive keyless entry
  • Integrated lighting solutions
  • Tactile and capacitive buttons
  • Haptic feedback technologies

-Front lighting

  • LED headlamps
  • Halogen headlamps
  • HID headlamps
  • Projector headlamps
  • Reflector headlamps
  • D-Optic headlamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Glare-free high beams
  • ADAS sensor integration
  • ECOLED fog lamps
  • LED daytime running lamps
  • IR lighting systems

-Rear lighting

  • LED lighting
  • Dynamic LED lighting

-Interior lighting

  • LED lighting
  • Dome lamps
  • FLECSFORM bendable lighting technologies

-Signal lighting

  • Tail lamps
  • Appliques
  • Daytime running lamps
  • Center high mount stop lamp (CHMSL)
  • License plate lamps
  • Reflex lamps

-Door modules

  • Structural door modules
  • Sealed modules
  • Hardware trim modules
  • Integrated trim modules
  • Liftgate and tailgate modules
  • Complete mid-door modules
  • LiteFlex single-piece lightweight door system
  • Deployable running boards for complete system integration
  • Exterior door handles
  • Interior door handles
  • Powered flush handles
  • Handle Integrated Passive Keyless Entry system
  • Dual finish (painted/chrome) handles

-Window systems

  • Dual rail cables and drums
  • Single rail cables and drums
  • Convertible quarter glass window control units/convenience reversal
  • Frameless glass systems
  • Adjustable frameless glass systems

-Power closure systems

  • Power sliding doors
  • Power liftgates
  • Power decklids
  • Power trunk
  • Power doors

-Latching systems

  • Side door
  • Sliding door
  • Liftgate
  • Decklid
  • Hood
  • Tailgate
  • Cargo door
  • Rear access door
  • SmartLatch system controlled through ECU
  • Comfort+ latch system incorporating ball bearings
  • Secondary latches

-Handle assemblies
-Hinges and wire forming
-Driver controls

  • Adjustable pedals
  • Park brakes
  • Fixed pedals

-Obstacle detection

  • Power liftgate, power sliding door, roof and window systems controls units
  • Contact and non-contact obstacle detection
  • Integrated electronic software
  • Pedestrian protection system
  • Gesture recognition systems

-Engineered glass

  • Manual and power truck sliding windows
  • Front and rear quarter windows
  • Liftglass assemblies
  • Windshields and backlights
  • Fixed roof glass modules
  • Bus windows

-Sealing, trim and roof racks

  • Window surround modules
  • Backlight, belt, windshield, door surround and roof drip moldings
  • Door, inner and outer belt seals
  • Complete convertible sealing systems
  • Glass run channels
  • Roof racks
  • Roof ditch moldings
  • Pillar appliques

Roof systems

  • Soft tops
  • Retractable hardtops
  • Modular tops
  • Hard tops
  • Sliding roofs
  • Folding roofs

Seating Systems
Seating systems

-Complete seating systems

  • Reconfigurable seat solutions
  • In-vehicle stowable seats
  • Ease of ingress/egress
  • Comfort systems
  • Lightweight seat solutions
  • Slim seating
  • Safety systems integrations

-Mechanism solutions

  • Manual recliners including internal full memory
  • Power recliners
  • iDiSC recliners
  • Manual adjusters including internal full memory
  • Power adjusters (Fore/Aft, Lift)
  • Seat attach latches
  • Specialty mechanisms (Stow-in-Floor, Stand up, Reversible)

-Seat structures solutions

  • Front seat structures
  • Rear seat structures
  • Lightweight structures
  • Core seat structures
  • Structures made from advanced materials (HSS, aluminum, magnesium)
  • EZ Entry seat structure
  • UltraLite seat structures

-Foam and trim products

  • Conventional foam
  • Recycled foam
  • Renewable foam formulations
  • Black foam
  • Dual firmness foam
  • Trim covers (cloth and leather)
  • FreeForm molded trim design technology

Complete Vehicles
Vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing (Magna Steyr) 
-Contract manufacturing


Nov. 1961 Incorporated as Magna Electronics Corporation Limited.
1970-72 Automotive operations expanded to include stamping and electro-mechanical components.
Jan. 1973 Changed to current name.
1981 Sold its aerospace and defense divisions to focus on the automotive business.
1987 Reorganized manufacturing divisions as Automotive Systems Corporations to become service suppliers for all automotive systems.
1989 Co-designed and co-developed the built-in child safety seat, recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as the most innovative product of the 1980's.
May 1991 Acquired Cosma International Inc. and Tesma International Inc.
Nov. 1993 Acquired an additional 11.4% in Atoma International Inc.


Acquired KS Automotive-Sicherheitstechnik GmbH (holds 60%), Porsche GmbH's Zillerle(74%).
1995 Spun off Tesma International Inc.


Acquired Temic Bayern Chemie airbag GmbH (holds 25.1%)
1996 Acquired Marley Automotive Components Group, Pebra GmbH, Garadon Automotive Components Group,
1997 Acquired Douglas & Lomason Co, Tricam Group Holdings Ltd, Georg Nather GmbH, Decomex Inc.
Acquired the remaining interest in Atoma International Inc.


Acquired Paulisch GmbH, a seating supplier for Mercedes-Benz and VW.
Acquired Steyr Daimler Puch AG (holds 94%) and Styer Daimler Puch Fahrzeugtechnik AG & KG (holds 50%).
Spun off Decoma International Inc.
Feb. 1998 Acquired a leading supplier Roltra Motor SpA.
May 1998 Acquired North American stamping, plastic and powertrain components manufacture TRIMA Automotive Inc.
Aug. 1998 Acquired Ymos, a door manufacturing subsidiary of Uniport SAS.
Jan. 1999 Acquired 100% interest in Korean oil and water pump manufacturer Hanwha Automotive Components Corporation.
Jun. 1999 Acquired Brazilian exterior trim components manufacture Decomex.
Jul. 1999 Established testing and development center with TRW and ACTS in Germany.
End of 1999 Acquired the remainder of Magna Automotibiltechnik, a joint venture with Austria steel producer Voest Alpine Stahl.
Aug. 2000 Announced its intention to form a working relationship with Covisint, the global internet based B2B exchange formed by General Motors, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler, Renault and Nissan.
Jan. 2001 Decoma purchased the Company's European exterior parts operations and Decoma Exterior Trim.
Aug. 2001 Spun off Intier Automotive (its interior systems group) as a separate public company.
Oct. 2002 Acquired Donnelly Corporation to create an exterior and interior mirrors group with lighting, engineered glass systems and advanced electronics capabilities.
Aug. 2003 Spun off MI Developments Inc. (its former real estate business, and in addition its investment in MEC as well) to the Company's shareholders.
Sep. 2004 Acquired the worldwide operations of New Venture Gear, a DaimlerChrysler subsidiary specializing in the production of transfer cases and other drivetrain products.
Announced the creation of a new operating group, Magna Drivetrain, focusing on the development and production of drivetrain technologies and all-wheel-drive systems.
Feb. 2005 Completed the privatization of Tesma International.
Mar. 2005 Completed the privatization of Decoma International.
Apr. 2005 Completed the privatization of Intier Automotive.
2007 Acquired two facilities from Pressac.
Aug. 2007 Magna Powertrain (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. had been established in China
Feb. 2008 Magna Electronics Inc. has acquired Allied Transportation Technology, Inc. (Michigan, U.S.A.), which produces automotive sensing devices such as obstacle detection systems.
Apr. 2008 Cosma International Inc. has acquired stamping and sub-assembly plant of Ogihara America Corporation
Jun. 2008 Acquired a substantial portion of the exteriors business and related assets from Plastech Engineered Products Inc.
Oct. 2008 Acquired BluWav Systems LLC, a developer and supplier of electric and energy management systems for hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles.
Feb. 2008 Magna Electronics Inc acquired the Zhangjiagang Suxing Electronics facility located in the Jiangsu province, China
Aug. 2008 Acquired Technoplast, a supplier of plastic exterior and interior components in Russia.
Jan. 2009 Magna Powertrain AG of Austria established a 50-50 joint-venture, Chungcheongnam-Do, Korea with WIA of Korea.
Feb. 2009 Decoma International acquired Cadence Innovation s.r.o. ("Cadence Europe").
Aug. 2009 Magna Seating established a 50/50 joint venture, MSKH Seating Systems, India with Krishna Group.
2010 Acquired Resil Minas (Brazil); the largest supplier of seat frames in South America and Pabsa S.A. (Argentina); a supplier of complete seats, foam products, trim covers and seat structures.
Acquired Karmann Japan (Japan); a convertible system supplier.
Acquired Erhard & Sohne (Germany); a manufacturer of fuel tanks for commercial vehicles and other specialty tanks.
2011 Acquired ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems Industrial do Brasil Ltda. (TKASB) of Brazil from ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems GmbH.
Acquired BDW technologies group, which is a Germany-based manufacturer of vacuum high-pressure aluminum die casting.
Acquired the Durbheim manufacturing facility of Acument GmbH & Co. OHG of Germany.
Acquired an automotive seat supplier Pabsa S.A., based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012 Acquired ixetic Verwaltungs GmbH, a manufacturer of automotive vacuum, engine and transmission pumps based in Germany.
Acquired remaining 50% of STT Technologies Inc., a North American supplier of transmission and engine related oil pumps.
Acquired select assets of Continental Plastics Co., a US based injection molding company.
Acquired assets and business of Vogelsitze GmbH, a German-based manufacturer of seats for bus.
2013 Acquired remaining 49% of Textile Competence Center Kft in Germany for USD 9 million.
Feb. 2014 Formed 50/50 joint venture with Chongqing Guangneng Rongneng Trim Co., Ltd. through Magna Exteriors operating unit for the development of front-end modules.
Sep. 2014 Announced 50/50 joint venture with Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd., to develop and manufacture seating systems for bus and commercial vehicle manufacturers.
Oct. 2014 Acquired Techform Group of Companies, a supplier of closure products for the automotive industry based in the U.S.
Feb. 2015 Announced the Company will divest the entire battery pack business of Magna Steyr to Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2015 Acquired HUD, electronic components business, and ultrasonic sensor business of Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions in Wetzlar, Germany and Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Aug. 2015 Divested interiors business to Grupo Antolin-Irausa, S.A. for approximately USD 549 million.
Oct. 2015 Signed agreement to acquired Stadco Automotive Ltd., a Tier 1 Body-In-White supplier based in the UK.
Jan. 2016 Acquired Getrag, one of the world's largest automotive transmission suppliers, for USD 1.9 billion.
May 2016 Acquired Telemotive AG, a leading engineering service provider in automotive electronics.
Nov. 2016 Acquired BOCO Boddecker & Co. GmbH & Co. KG, an automotive supplier of latches, hinges and strikers.
Jun. 2018 Signed agreement to acquire OLSA S.p.A., an Italian supplier of automotive lighting products, for EUR 230 million.
Sep. 2018 Signed agreement to sell its Fluid Pressure & Controls business unit to Hanon Systems, for USD 1.23 billion.
Oct. 2018 Signed agreement to acquire Haptronik, a German company specializing in software for mechatronic control.
Dec. 2018 Signed agreement to acquire VIZA Geca SL, a Spanish supplier of seating products and systems.
Mar. 2019 Divested Fluid Pressure and Controls Division to Hanon Systems Corporation for USD 1.2 billion.
Mar. 2019 Divested shares of Magna Rico Powertrain Private Limited to Rico Auto for INR 85.6 million.
Apr. 2019 Acquired Viza Geca SL, a supplier of seating structures and related systems based in Spain.
Nov. 2019 Acquired Wipac Czech s.r.o., a premium automotive lighting engineering firm located in the Czech Republic.
Sep. 2020 Announced plans to acquire majority ownership of Chongqing Honglizhixin Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2020 Signed a formal agreement with Fisker, an emerging US EV manufacturer, for platform and manufacturing.
Dec. 2020 Agreed to establish LG Magna e-Powertrain (tentative name), a joint venture in the field of powertrains for EVs, with LG Electronics of Korea.
Oct. 2021 Veoneer terminated the merger agreement with the Company and agreed to pay a termination fee of USD 110 million.
Jan. 2022 Acquired Optimus Ride, a developer of autonomous vehicle and mobility solutions.
Dec. 2022 Agreed to acquire Veoneer’s Active Safety business for USD 1.525 billion.
Jun. 2023 Completed acquisition of Veoneer Active Safety, a supplier of active safety products, from SSW Partners for a purchase price of USD 1,438 million.

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