Rheinmetall Automotive AG (Formerly KSPG AG)

Company Profile




Karl-Schmidt-Strasse, 74172 Neckarsulm, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company comprises the automotive sector of the Rheinmetall Group, and focuses on the development and production of air management systems, emission control systems, pumps, pistons, engine blocks, valves, actuators and pumps.

-The Company has the following three operational divisions:

Division Brand Business Units
Hardparts Kolbeschmidt -Bearings
-Large-bore pistons
-Small-bore pistons
Mechatronics Pierburg -Actuators
-Automotive emission systems
-Commercial diesel systems
-Pump technology
-Solenoid valves
-Variable Valve Trains
Aftermarket Motorservice -Hardparts


-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG.



  • Pistons for gasoline engines
  • Pistons for commercial vehicle engines
  • Large-bore pistons
  • Small-bore pistons
  • Piston Systems

-Aluminum engine blocks

  • Aluminum engine blocks for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Finish-machined engine blocks

-Plain bearings

  • Plain bearings
  • Permaglide bearings - bearings with a plastic material applied over a metallic base alloy
  • Continuous casted bearings
  • Special bearings
  • Bushings

-Structural components


  • Throttle bodies
  • EDM - Electric Drive Module

-Emission control

  • Secondary air systems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves
  • Exhaust gas mass flow sensors
  • Exhaust gas coolers
  • Exhaust gas valves

-Solenoid valves

  • Electro-pneumatic valves and modules for pressure and vacuum pneumatic actuators
  • Bypass valves for turbochargers
  • Hydraulic and oil valves
  • Coolant and water valves

-Variable valve trains
-Range extenders

  • Oil pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water circulation pumps & coolant pumps

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