Nemak, S.A.B. de C.V.

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Libramiento Arco Vial Km 3.8, Garcia N.L., 66000, Mexico

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading supplier of aluminum components for the automotive industry, specializing in cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission cases and structural components. In 2020, the Company sold 35.1 million equivalent units.

-Alfa, a major Mexican conglomerate, held shares in the company, but transferred the shares to Controladora Nemak (Nemak-Holding). Controladora Nemak is a new company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.


-The Company is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

-Major shareholders (As of Dec. 31, 2020)
Name of Entity Ownership Ratio (%)
Controladora Nemak 75.2



  • Cylinder heads
  • Engine blocks
  • Transmission cases

Vehicle structures

  • Longitudinal members
  • Shock towers
  • Subframes

E-mobility components

  • E-motor housings
  • Battery housings (hybrid/fully electric)


1981 Began operations.
1990s Expanded product portfolio to include engine blocks.
2014 Signed first contracts to produce automotive structural components.
Jul. 2015 Completed IPO on Mexican Stock Exchange.
Nov. 2016 Completed acquisition of Cevher Dokum Sanayii A.S., a supplier of complex aluminum automotive castings based in Turkey.

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