Roechling SE & Co. KG.

Company Profile



Richard-Wagner-Strasse 9, 68165 Mannheim, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company specializes in developing and manufacturing engineering plastic systems and components for multiple industrial sectors, including the automotive industry.

-The Company is organized into three divisions:

  • Industry Division
  • Automotive Division
  • Medical Division

-The Company entered into an agreement with Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd to sell its plant in Wolfsburg-Hattorf. The 13,000 square meter plant in Wolfsburg-Hattorf, built in 2001, produces door and side panels for automobiles. However, Roechling Automotive has increasingly focused on systems and components for aerodynamics, propulsion and new mobility in recent years. The sale of the plant thus concludes a process initiated by the plastics specialist in 2011. The sale of the plant will affect about 170 employees. Kasai Kogyo is taking over the entire business operations and thus all employees. No job losses are anticipated. (From a press release on May 7, 2019)


-The Company is privately owned by members of the Roechling family.


Engine systems
Filter systems
-Air intake systems with nonwoven filters
-Paper filters
-Air intake modules with optimized air flow
-Air intake module with sharp cut raw air stroke for higher performance

Air tubes
-Clean air tubes with resonators
-Pre-intercooler ducts
-Post-intercooler flexible ducts

Intake manifolds
-Intake manifolds with integrated water to air intercooler
-Intake manifolds with variable length adjustment
-Intake manifolds for high performance V10 engine
-Intake manifolds for twin charged gasoline engine

Fluid systems
Windshield cowl covers and water drains
-Windshield cowls with soft seals
-Windshield cowls with molded grills
-Windshield cowls with metal grids

Air ducts for climatization
-Blow molded air ducts
-Air distribution systems
-Noise absorbing air ducts

Degas bottles
-Degas bottles with level sensors
-Multi-chamber bottles for anti-corrosion

Cooling-water pipes

Windshield washer bottles
-Washer bottles with pumps and integrated heating
-Washer bottles with filler plugs

SCR tank systems
-SCR tanks with filling and degas pipe
-Secondary tanks for SCR fluid
-Complete SCR tank systems

Controllable air guides
-Active and passive grille shutter modules

Engine encapsulation
Thermal engine encapsulation
-Engine sideshields and undershields
-Engine encapsulation made from low-weight reinforced thermoplastic insulation materials

Design covers
-Acoustic covers with foam absorber

Partition walls
-Partition walls with noise dampening characteristics
-Extension dash panels with noise dampening characteristics

Underbody systems
Body undershields
-Complete body undershielding
-Rear axle covers
-Integrated underbody using lightweight, high-strength, Stratura material

Wheel arch liners
-Wheel arch liners with aerodynamic speed lips
-Wheel arch liners made from different textile materials

Passenger compartment
Door and side panels

Interior trim
-Door capping
-Back panels for convertible
-Lower pillar trim
-Pillar trim with grab handles
-C-pillar trim

Trunk floor
Trays, sumps, and other structural parts
-Spare wheel trays
-Multifunctional trays
-Battery trays
-Emergency wheel well

Trunk trim
-Trunk lid trim
-Side walls/Pillar trim
-Glove boxes
-Spring strut covers
-Tailgate trim

Green car systems
Battery components
-Battery housings and covers
-Cell frames
-Insulating sheets

Inductive charging systems

Fuel cell components
-Bipolar plastic sheets
-Ion-exchange cartridges
-Filter elements
-Degas bottles

Lightweight structural parts
-Stratura lightweight, high-strength material


1956 Foundation of Seeber S.r.l. by Willi Seeber in Rentsch, in the Bozen area. 
1986 Takeover of Seeber S.r.l. by Roechling.
1992/93 Acquisition of BASF/Elastogran Kunststofftechnik plant in Worms and Kast group by Roechling.
1997/98 Foundation of Seeber AG & Co. KG, Mannheim.
2000 Joint Venture Seeber Fastplas in Diadema (SP), Brazil.
New production plant in Trento, Italy.
New engineering office and production facility in Turin, Italy.
2001 Formation of 3 competence centers for the engine compartment, underbody and interior.
Joint Venture in Changchun, China.
Joint Venture in Araia, Spain.
2003 New production plant in Worms, Germany.
New production plant in Hattorf, Germany.
2004 New production plant in Changchun, China.
2005 Added the new production plant in Changchun, China.
Seeber Belgium N.V. become 100% subsidiary.
2014 New production plant in Wackersdorf.
2014 New factory in Kunshan, China put into operation.
2016 Laid the foundation stone for the new technical center in Worms, Germany.
2016 Establishes a joint venture in Japan.
Sep. 2017 Opened its second factory in Spain.
Opened a new plant in Shenyang, China with an investment of EUR 3 million.
May 2019 Entered into an agreement with Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd to sell its plant in Wolfsburg-Hattorf.
Jul. 2019 Opened its new production plant in Kocovce in Slovakia.

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