American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.

Company Profile



One Dauch Drive, Detroit, MI 48211-1198, USA

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures driveline and drivetrain systems and their related components, chassis modules, metal formed products and casting products for light trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, crossover vehicles, and commercial vehicles.

-In April 2017, the Company completed the acquisition of Metaldyne Performance Group Inc. (MPG) for approximately USD 1.6 billion in cash and stock.

-Subsequent to the Company’s acquisition of MPG in April 2017, the Company is organized into four reportable segments as follows:

  • Driveline: Systems and components including axles, driveshafts, power transfer units, rear drive modules, transfer cases, electric and hybrid systems
  • Metal Forming: Components including axle and transmission shafts, ring and pinion gears, differential gears, transmission gears and suspension components
  • Powertrain: Systems including transmission modules, differential assemblies, transmission valve bodies, connecting rod forging and assemblies, torsional vibration dampers and variable valve timing products
  • Casting: Products including thin wall castings, high-strength ductile iron castings, differential cases, steering knuckles, control arms, brackets and turbocharger housings.

Major Customers

-The Company is the principal supplier of driveline components to GM for its full-size rear-wheel drive light trucks and SUVs manufactured in North America, supplying substantially all of GM’s rear axle, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive axles for these vehicle platforms. The Company is also a supplier to GM for certain axles and other driveline products for the life of each GM vehicle program covered by Life Program Contracts and Long Term Program Contracts.

-The Company supplies driveline system products to FCA in the U.S. for heavy-duty Ram full-size pickup trucks and its derivatives, the AWD Jeep Cherokee, and a passenger car driveshaft program

-In recent years, the Company is looking to diversify its customer base and reduce its dependence on GM. During the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017, sales to GM accounted for approximately 47% of the Company's net sales. Sales to customers other than GM during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017 increased by 158.9% over the previous year to USD 3,334.6 million. The primary factor in the increased sales to customers other than GM as well as the decreased percentage of sales to GM was the acquisition of MPG.



-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Driveline systems
-Rear beam axles
-Rear axle systems
-Front axles
-Multi-piece driveshafts
-TracRite axle differentials
-Torque transfer devices / Electronic control couplings
-Constant velocity joints
-Quantum lightweight axles
-Sylent foam liner for aluminum driveshaft NVH performance
-EcoTrac disconnecting AWD systems
-e-AAM hybrid and electric drive systems
-AWD modules
-Rear drive modules
-Transfer cases
-Power transfer units
-TracRite transaxles / Transfer case differentials

Powertrain components
-Transmissions / Transfer case components
-Intake manifolds
-Oil pans
-Bell housings
-Connecting rods
-Transmission valve bodies
-Balance shaft systems
-Crankshaft dampers and pulleys
-Clutch modules
-Variable valve train components
-End cover assemblies
-Rubber molded sprockets
-AWD levers and gears
-Damped gears
-Differential assemblies
-Suspension modules

Metal formed products
-Axle shafts
-Input shafts
-Output shafts
-Differential gears
-Trunnions and spiders
-Front & rear hypoid pinions
-Hypoid ring gears
-Front axle disconnect components
-Inner and outer tie rods and relay rods
-Net formed gears
-Net formed splines
-Clutch teeth
-Wheel hubs and spindles

Casting components
-Differential cases and carriers
-Bearing caps
-Engine brackets
-Axle carriers and tubes
-Knuckles and control arms
-Turbine housings
-Brake calipers and anchor brackets


Mar. 1994 Formed by Richard E. Dauch and a group of investors.
Oct. 1997 The Company was acquired by AAM Acquisition Inc., an entity organized by Blackstone Capital Partners II Merchant Banking Fund L.P.
1998 Incorporated in Delaware in 1998 as a successor to American Axle & Manufacturing of Michigan, Inc.
1998 Acquired Albion Automotive (Holdings) Limited.
1999 Purchased two forging companies, Colfor Manufacturing, Inc. and MSP Industries Corporation.
2001 Opened Stabilizer Bar Development Center at Detroit Forge.
2004 Opened Pune Business Office & Engineering Center in Pune, India.
2005 Opened business offices in Shanghai, China & Seoul, S. Korea.
2005 Opened the Process Development Center.
2006 Established a new plant in Changshu, China and in Olawa, Poland.
Oct. 2007 Formed a joint venture, AAM Sona Axle, with Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited of India.
Feb. 2008 Started construction of a new manufacturing facility in Thailand.
Dec. 2008 Entered into an agreement to form a 50-50 joint venture, Hefei AAM Automotive Driveline & Chassis System Co., Ltd. with Hefei Automobile Axle Co, Ltd., (HAAC)
Mar. 2010 Established a new manufacturing plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
Sep. 2010 Established a joint venture with Saab which is owned by Spyker Cars of the Netherlands.
Jan. 2011 Acquired 100% ownership of the AAM Sona Axle Private Limited Joint Venture (AAM Sona Axle) in India. AAM Sona Axle, previously a joint venture between AAM and Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.
Sep. 2011 Opened its manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand.
Feb. 2012 Acquired 100% ownership of e-AAM Driveline Systems in Sweden, previously a joint venture with Saab Automobile AB.
May 2012 Opened AccuGear Silao, the second location for metal form operations in Mexico.
Aug. 2012 Opened manufacturing facility in Chennai, India.
Sep. 2012 Opened Winter Test Center in Arjeplog, Sweden.
Apr. 2017 Completed acquisition of Metaldyne Performance Group for approximately USD 1.6 billion in cash and stock

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