Gentex Corporation

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600 North Centennial Street, Zeeland, MI 49464 USA

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures electro-optic products, focusing primarily on automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics for the automotive industry. Sales of automotive rearview mirrors and electronics accounted for approximately 98% of the Company’s consolidated net sales in 2016.

-In 2016, the Company had approximately a 92% market share in automatic-dimming rearview mirrors for the automotive market, compared to its 91% market share in 2015.

-The Company estimates that it has an annual production capacity of 30-33 million interior mirror units and 13-15 million exterior mirror units. In 2016, the Company shipped 26.0 million interior automatic-dimming mirrors and 10.1 million exterior automatic-dimming mirrors.


-Beijing Sincode
-BYD Auto Company
-Ichikoh Industries
-Murakami Kaimeido
-Ningbo Kingband
-Peak Power Automotive
-Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec
-Tokai Rika
-YH America


-Listed on NASDAQ.


Driver safety & information features
-Auto-dimming interior mirrors for glare management
-Interior mirrors with HomeLink control system
-Interior mirrors with supplemental displays
-Interior mirrors with integrated telematics
-Interior mirrors with integrated microphones
-Interior mirrors with LED lighting

Side blind zone assistance features
-Exterior mirrors with embedded turn signals
-Exterior mirrors with integrated approach lights
-Exterior mirrors with side blind zone alert systems
-Curved glass exterior mirrors to diminish blind spots

Forward driving assistance features
-Mirrors with integrated SmartBeam high beam lighting assist systems
-Mirrors with SmartBeam Dynamic Forward Lighting (DFL) systems
-Mirrors with integrated driver assist systems
-Mirrors with integrated custom cluster sensors

Rear blind zone assistance features
-Interior mirrors with rear camera LCD display


1974 Established as a manufacturer of high-quality fire protection products.
Mar. 1976 Acquired Gentex Company, a Michigan general partnership.
1982 Developed the world's first electromechanical (motorized) mirror.
Aug. 1986 Acquired Vanguard Glass Fabricatiors, Inc.
Oct. 1994 Formed Gentex GmbH in Neckarsulm, Germany.
Sep. 1999 Formed partnership with Johnson Controls to integrate HomeLink system in mirrors.
Dec. 1999 Opened U.K. sales office.
May 2000 Opened sales office in France.
2013 Acquired Johnson Controls' HomeLink business.

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