Georg Fischer AG

Company Profile



Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9, 8201 Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Business Overview

-The Company is focused on the areas of liquid and gaseous transport, lightweight casting components, and high-precision manufacturing technologies. The Company is comprised of three divisions: GF Casting Solutions (previously GF Automotive), GF Piping Systems, and GF Machining Solutions.

-The Company develops and manufactures lightweight cast components and systems made of ductile iron, aluminum, and magnesium for the automotive market.


-The Company is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange.


Light Vehicles
Body & Structure
-Rear Center Console
-Shock Tower
-Rear Door Frame
-Upper Door Frame
-Door Sill Frame Member
-Tank Cap
-Tank Frame
-Shock Tower
-Shock Tower Support
-Front End Carrier
-Center Console
-Front Center Consle
-Instrument Panel Beam
-Safety Belt Spool
-Seat Frame
-Convertible Roof top
-Hinge Support
-Door Frame
-Cross Car Beam

-High Voltage Connector
-Battery housing

-Gearbox housing
-Engine Block
-Rear Axle Housing
-Intermediate Housing
-Oilpan Cover
-Differential Housing
-Drive End Shield
-Converter Housing
-Transmission Housing

-Wheel Carrier
-Control Arm


1802 Johann Conrad Fischer founded the first iron foundry in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
1948 Under the management of Georg Fischer, the son of J.C.Fischer, it had become one of the European leaders in industrial steel casting.
Jan. 1991 The Company was restructured into a holding company with entrepreneurial and legal independence in principal industrial activities, and Georg Fischer Ltd. was established.
1999 Acquired Mossner Group, light-alloy manufacturer in Germany.
Nov. 2001 Commissioned a new production line for cast iron parts at its Singen plant in Germany.
Oct. 2005 Announced that its new light metal foundry in Suzhou was officially inaugurated.
Dec. 2006 Acquired the entire capital of E.D.C. Inc., Montreal.
Jan. 2014 Divested the gravity die-casting operations in Herzogenburg (Austria).
Jul. 2014 Acquired 51% of the capital of Meco Eckel GmbH in Germany.
Aug. 2016 Jointly acquired Langfang Shuchang Auto-parts Co., Ltd. together with Lingyun Industrial Co., Ltd. for CNY 109.16 million. The Company and Lingyun Industrial each own a 50% stake.
Nov. 2017 Acquired Eucasting Ro SRL, a high-pressure aluminum die casting specialist in Romania.
Apr. 2018 Acquired Precicast Industrial Holding SA (Switzerland), a precision castings specialist in Switzerland.

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