Johnson Electric Group

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6F, 12 Science Park East Avenue, 6F, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong, China

Business Overview

-A leading manufacturer of motors

- The organization is structured into 3 business unit groups, the Automotive Products Group, the Industry Products Group and Medtech (the medical products group).

-The Company's main markets are Europe, China and North America. Europe is the biggest market. In 2015, the Company's conbined sales in Europe, China and North America reached 1,895.62 million yuan, accounting for 85% of overall sales.


-Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges (As of Mar.31, 2016)
Shareholders Approximate % of shareholding
Yik-Chun Koo Wang *notes (1),(2) 62.65%
Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited *(1) 23.23%
HSBC International Trustee Limited *(1) 21.66%
Great Sound Global Limited *(3) 21.46%
Winibest Company Limited *(4) 21.46%
Federal Trust Company Limited *(1) 15.95%
Schroders Plc * 7.97%
Ceress International Investment (PTC) Corporation *(6) 6.34%
Merriland Overseas Limited *(6) 6.02%

1. The shares in which Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited and Federal Trust Company Limited were interested and 188,636,340 of the shares in which HSBC International Trustee Limited was interested were held, directly or indirectly, by them as the trustees of various trusts associated with the Wang family and were included in the shares in which Ms. Yik-Chun Koo Wang was interested as referred to above under Directors’ Interests of Disclosure of Interests.
2. The shares in which Ms. Yik-Chun Koo Wang was interested as referred to above formed part of the shares referred to in Note 1.
3. The interests of Great Sound Global Limited in the Company formed part of the interests in the Company held by HSBC International Trustee Limited.
4. The interests of Winibest Company Limited in the Company were duplicated by the interests in the Company held by Great Sound Global Limited.
5. The interests of Ceress International Investment (PTC) Corporation in the Companyformed part of the interests in the Company held by Federal Trust Company Limited.

6. The interests of Merriland Overseas Limited in the Company formed part of the interests in the Company held by Federal Trust Company Limited.


Motors for automotive applications
Body instruments
- Door lock
- Headlamp adjuster
- Mirror
- Mirror adjuster
- Washer pump
- Headlamp washer
- Steering wheel lock
- Cinching latch
- Lumbar support
- Liftgate
- Windshield wiper

Body climate

- Seat adjuster
- Window lift
- Sunroof control
- Pedal adjuster
- Lumbar support
- Electronic controller
- ABS Pump
- Climate control actuator

Powertrain cooling
- Cooling fan modules
- AC fan modules
- Electronic controllers
- Water pumps
- Sensor fan
- Oil pump
- Circulation pump
- HVAC blower

Powertrain management
- Engine fuel management
- Engine air management
- Air pump

Chassis braking
- Electric parking brake
- 4WD transfer case
- Transmission shifter
- Hydraulic pump
- Electric steering
- Steering adjust
- Suspension leveling

Chassis steering and suspension
- Steering lock
- Stability control

Motion and actuation systems
- HVAC actuators
- Headlight adjustment
- Door locking actuators
- Door latch
- Tailgate
- Window push button switches
- Controllers


1959 The Company was founded to produce micro motors.
1970 Sales at the company were US$1.7 Million.
1972 Mr. Patrick Wang established AC Motor Business
1976 Established Johnson Electric in USA. Began production of micromotors for the automotive Industry.
1980 Sales at the Company were US$16 Million.
1982 Established plant in Shajing, China.
1984 Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
1985 Plant in Tai Po Industrial Estate Hong Kong began operation.
1988 Established Johnson Electric branch office in Japan.
1989 Established Johnson Electric in Thailand.
1990 Sales at Johnson Electric were US$126 Million.
1992 Opened R & D center in Stuttgart, Germany.
1995 Received ISO 9002 (in China Plants) from Llyod''s Register Quality Assurance.
1997 In Thailand ISO 9002 accredited by SGS Yarsley, International Certification Services.
1998 QS-9000 certified on DC Micromotors and Armatures for Engine Management Systems by Underwriters Laboratories for operations in mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States.
1999 Acquisition of Electric Motor Systems from Lear Corporation including Gate SpA in Italy for Cooling Fan Module.
QS9000/ISO9001 certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
2000 Formation of a joint-venture company, Nidec Johnson Electric for Audio Visual Market with Nidec Corporation of Japan.
Sales at Johnson Electric were US$677 Million.
2001 Automotive and Commercial Groups established.
Acquired motors business of Textron Automotive Co''s Kautex Textron division.
Acquired seat motor business of ArvinMeritor''s Light Vehicle Systems division.
2004 Acquired 100% stake in Nidec Johnson Electric for audio visual products.
Expanded North American automotive operations with the completion of a state-of-the-art technical center in Plymouth, Michigan.
Acquired a 51% stake in Nanomotion Ltd., which manufactures high-precision piezo ceramic motors.
Acquired a 100% stake in Nihon Mini Motor that produces optical disc drive products for cameras.
2005 Established V-Motor.
Set up its Value Innovation Program (VIP) Center.
Acquired Saia-Burgess.
Acquired Parlex.
2010 Johnson Electric International AG opened a new plant in Chennai, India.
2010 Opened a new manufacturing facility in Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. 
2012 Constructed a new plant in ZacatecasMexico to supply its products to its customers in North and South America.
Sep. 2014 A new plant opended in Nis, Serbia.
Aug. 2015 The Company acquired 100% shares of Stackpole International from S.I. Investors. at CAD 867 million.
Feb. 2016 The Company announced that it will acquire 100% of AML Développement shares for EUR 65 million.

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