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1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8661, Japan

Business Overview

-A major automotive parts supplier in the Toyota Group.

-Out of total sales of automotive products in the fiscal year that ended in March 2023, sales to the Toyota Group (including Daihatsu and Hino) accounted for 50% of the total.

-The Company’s operations consist of five automotive segments, which are thermal systems, powertrain systems, mobility electronics, electrification systems, and advance devices. Each segment's main products are listed below.

Category Sub-category Products
Thermal systems Systems for passenger cars -HVAC
-Cabin air filters
-Climate control for seats
-Engine-cooling modules
-Hose piping-systems
-Heat management products: heat-pump systems, chillers, water-cooling condensers, CMx, water valves, inverters cooling devices
Systems for commercial vehicles -Air-conditioning systems for buses and agricultural equipment
-Refrigeration equipment for trucks
Powertrain systems Injection devices -Products for diesel-powered vehicles: common rail systems, columnar distribution pumps, nozzles, fuel filters, uera SCR injectors
-Products for gasoline-powered vehicles: port injectors, direct-injection injectors, direct-injection pumps, fuel-pump modules
Engine products -Ignition products: ignition coils, ignition plugs, glow plugs
-Exhaust products: exhaust sensors, exhaust  temperature sensors, NOx sensors, substrates for exhaust purification)
-Variable valve products: variable-cam timing, oil-control valves, electric variable cam timing
-Exhaust valve products: EGR valves, throttle bodies
-Motorcycle products: magnets, engine-control computers
-Filters: air cleaners, oil filters
Electronic components -Electric starter products: starters, alternators
Mobility electronics Electronics -Engine ECUs
-Hybrid ECUs
-Transmission-control ECUs
-Steer-by-wire control ECUs
-Fuel-pump-control ECUs
-Keyless entry systems
-Air-conditioning ECUs
-Body ECUs
Cockpit systems -HMI control units
-Center-mounted information displays
-Combination meters
-Head-up displays (HUDs)
-Onboard infotainment systems
-Telematics control units
-Onboard ETC devices
-Road-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communications devices
AD&ADAS -Image sensors
-Millimeter wave radar systems
-Laser radar systems
-Sonar sensors and ECUs
-Monitor ECUs
-Self-driving ECUs
-Locator ECUs
-Headlamp control ECUs
-Sensors and ECUs for airbags
-Driver-monitoring devices
Sounding devices -Vehicle proximity-warning devices
Electrification systems Electric components -MG stators
Electrification components -Inverters
-DC/DC convertors
-Battery-monitoring units
-Battery ECUs
-Lithium-ion battery packs
-High-voltage relays
Chassis-control components -Electric power steering systems with integrated two-system drive
-Electric power steering ECUs
-Braking ECUs
Motors -Wiper systems
-Washer systems
-Power-window motors
-Power-seat motors

-Engine-control motors
-Blower motors
-Electric-fan motor
Advanced devices Mechatronic systems -Shift-by-wire actuators
-Multi-control valves
-Evaporative check modules
-Purge valves
-A/T modules
-A/T solenoid valves
-Air-flow meters
-Accelerator pedal modules
Sensing systems -Semi-conductor sensors: pressure sensors, electricity and magnetic flow sensors, optical sensors, temperature sensors
Semiconductors -ICs for specific uses
-Power modules: power cards, motor controllers

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-From April 2022, moved from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market, and from the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange to the Premium Market (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 24.16
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 11.76
Toyota Industries Corporation 9.26
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. 4.85
Toyota Fudosan Co., Ltd 4.44
Nippon Life Insurance Company 2.89
Employees Stock holdings 1.73
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Currently Aisin Corporation) 1.67
Total 62.81


Air-conditioning System

Thermal managements heat-pump systems
-Radiator / Heat absorber for BEV
-Multi-flow control valve for BEV
-Heater core
-Water-cooled condenser with sub-cool
-Electric compressor
-Evaporator pressure regulator
-Electric water pump

Air-conditioning System

HVAC unit
-Rear HVAC
-Heater core
-Servo module
-Servo motor
-Blower fan
-Blower motor
-Blower controller

Air quality system
-Exhaust gas sensor
-Humidity sensor
-Cabin air filter
-PM2.5 sensor
-Air cleaner
-Air cleanliness monitor

Personal heating / cooling devices
-Seat ventilation system
-Radiant heater

Heat pump air-conditioning system
-Heat pump air-conditioning system
-Electric compressor with gas injection function
-Outside heat exchanger
-Compact gas-liquid separator with integrated valve
-Electric expansion valve
-Cabin condenser
-Heat pump electronic control unit

Products of control system
-Air-conditioner electronic control unit
-Outside temperature sensor/Cabin temperature sensor
-Solar sensor
-Matrix IR sensor
-Pressure switch
-Refrigerant pressure sensor

Heat exchanger for air-conditioning system
-Radiator / Heat absorber for BEV
-Heater core
-Water cooled condenser
-Cabin condenser
-Double pipe type internal heat exchanger

Products of refrigerant
-Fixed displacement compressor
-Variable displacement compressor
-Electric compressor with gas injection function
-Electric compressor
-Expansion valve
-Electronic expansion valve
-Solenoid valve
-Compact gas-liquid separator with integrated valve
-Liquid reservoir

Products of cooling
-Electric water pump
-High voltage water heater

Bus air-conditioning system
-Bus air-conditioner
-Electric bus air-conditioner

Automotive freezer
-Truck freezer
-Electric truck freezer


Powertrain systems

Intake air systems
-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve
-EGR valve unit
-Electronic throttle body
-Electronic diesel throttle body
-Variable induction air control valve
-Electric wastegate valve actuator
-Air flow meter
-Intake air temperature sensor
-Intake air pressure sensor

Fuel injection and control systems
-Engine control ECU
-Port fuel injection injector
-Direct injection high pressure injector
-G4S-i solenoid injector
-G4P-i piezo injector
-Direct injection high pressure pump
-HP5S supply pump
-HP5E supply pump
-HP5D supply pump
-Fuel pressure sensor
-Common rail pressure sensor
-Crank shaft position sensor (MRE type)
-Cam position sensor (MRE type)
-Fuel filter

Ignition systems
-Ignition coil
-Iridium spark plug
-Knock sensor (non-resonant type)

Exhaust gas systems
-Oxygen sensor
-Exhaust gas temperature sensor
-Air-fuel ratio sensor
-Exhaust gas pressure sensor
-NOx-A/F integrated sensor
-EGR gas temperature sensor
-Variable nozzle turbo motor
-Aftertreatment control ECU
-CJ2U-V urea dosing module
-CJ2F-V fuel dosing module

Valve train systems
-Electric variable cam timing
-Integrated variable cam timing
-Variable cam timing
-Oil flow control valve
-Cam position sensor (MRE type)

Fuel systems
-Evaporative leak check module
-Canister close valve
-Duty control valve
-Vapor containment valve
-Fuel level sensor
-Tank pressure sensor
-Fuel pump controller
-Fuel pump
-Fuel pump module

Fuel charging systems
-Hydrogen filling electronic control unit
-Infrared transmitter

Cooling systems
-Electric fan
-Reserve tank
-Water cooled intercooler
-Multi-flow control valve
-Water temperature sensor
-Multi-flow control valve for BEV

FC thermal management systems
-Water control valve
-Electric water pump

Products of starting
-Tandem solenoid (TS) starter

Products of generating
-High voltage ISG

Products of power supply
-Electrical powertrain electronic control unit
-Lithium-ion battery electronic control unit
-Battery monitoring unit
-Lithium battery pack
-Battery current sensor

Products of substation
-DC-DC converter

Motor generator stator

Driving systems
-Shift by wire actuator
-Valve body module
-Automatic transmission linear type solenoid
-Accelerator pedal module
-Vehicle speed sensor
-TCU (Transmission control unit)

Fuel injection and control systems for medium and large size vehicle
-G4S injector
-HP6 supply pump
-HP7 supply pump
-Fuel filter

Other products
-Power mini ISO relay
-Engine oil pressure and temperature combined sensor
-Engine oil level switch
-Inclination sensor
-Acoustic vehicle alerting system


Safety and cockpit systems

Driving environment recognition systems
-Milliwave radar (FR&RR)
-Stereo vision sensor
-Sonar sensor
-Vision sensor
-Sonar ECU
-Surround monitoring ECU
-Compact stereo vision sensor
-Surround monitoring camera

Vehicle dynamic control systems
-Steering torque sensor
-Brake booster pressure sensor
-Break fluid pressure sensor
-Wheel speed sensor
-Inertia sensor for ESC
-Accelerometer for suspension
-Electric power steering motor
-Motor for skid control

Collision safety systems
-Airbag ECU
-Airbag ECU for compact cars
-Airbag electronic satellite sensor
-Accelerometer for airbag system
-Pressure sensor satellite for side airbag system
-Passenger presence sensor
-Pedestrian collision detection sensor
-Passenger presence ECU/sensor
-Tire pressure monitoring system receiver

Visibility support systems
-Digital outer mirror ECU
-Rain sensor
-Light sensor
-Washer system
-Front wiper system
-Rear wiper system
-Stepping motor for headlight leveling
-Stepping motor for headlight swivel
-Headlamp cleaner pump

Cockpit information systems
-Integrated cockpit systems "Harmony Core"
-Head-up display unit
-Instrument cluster
-Climate control panel
-Remote touch controller
-Center information display
-TCU (DCM) (Telematic control unit DCM (data communication module))
-On-board equipment for V2X communication
-ETC (electronic toll collection system) and ETC2.0 on-board equipment
-VICS antenna
-Driver status monitor

Information security systems
-Central gateway electronic control unit
-Smart electronic control unit

Other products
-Body electronic control unit
-Smart fob-key
-Remote keyless entry transmitter
-Remote keyless entry receiver
-Smart card key
-Touch sensor
-Power seat motor
-Telescopic steering motor
-Tilt steering motor
-Electric sunroof motor
-Power slide door motor
-Door closer motor
-Power window motor


Dec. 1949 Spun off from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and established as Nippondenso Co., Ltd. with capital of 1.5 million yen.
Dec. 1951 Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Jan. 1953 Listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
Nov. 1953 Signed a technical assistance contract with Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany) concerning electrical components.
Jul. 1959 Merged with Aichi Denso Co., Ltd.
May 1965 Constructed Ikeda Plant in Kariya City.
Jul. 1967 Constructed Anjo Plant in Anjo City.
Oct. 1968 Opened the IC Research Facility
Aug. 1970 Constructed Nishio Plant in Nishio City.
Nov. 1970 Established Nippon Soken Inc.(Currently subsidiary)
Mar. 1971 Established the first overseas subsidiary, Nippon Denso of Los Angeles, Inc., in the US. (Currently named Denso Sales California, Ltd.)
Jun. 1972 Constructed Nippon Denso Austraria (Current: Denso manufacturing Australia)
Aug. 1972 Constructed Nippon Denso Thailand (Current: Denso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
Feb. 1973 Constructed Nippon Denso Europe (Current: Denso International Europe B.V.)
Jun. 1974 Constructed Takatana Plant in Anjo City.
Apr. 1982 Constructed Daian Plant in Mie Prefecture.
Mar. 1984 Constructed Denso Taiyo Co., Ltd., through JV with Japan Sun Industries which is a social welfare organization.
Dec. 1985 Constructed Nippon Denso America (Current: Denso International America Inc.)
Feb. 1987 Constructed Toyohashi Plant in Toyohashi City.
May 1987 Constructed Kota Plant in Aichi Prefecture.
Feb. 1990 Constructed Agui Plant in Aichi Prefecture.
Nov. 1990 Constructed Denso Research Laboratories in Nisshin-City in Aichi Pref. Japan.
Jul. 1993 Constructed Kita Kyushu Plant in Kita Kyushu City.
Oct. 1996 Changed Company name to Denso Corporation
May 1998 Established Denso International Australia Pty., Ltd. (Currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Australia to supervise 3 subsidiaries there.
Dec. 1998 Established Denso International Asia Pte., Ltd. (Currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Singapore to supervise 7 subsidiaries in Southeast Asia.
Apr. 1999 Acquired the rotational devices division from Italy's Magneti Marelli (currently Denso Manufacturing Italia S.p.A. and a consolidated subsidiary).
July 2000 Opened the Tianjin Office in Tianjin, China as the liaison to Tianjin Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (TTMC), Tianjin Automobile Industry and the local government of Tianjin.
Mar. 2001 Established Denso Abdul Latif Jameel Co., Ltd. (Currently a consolidated subsidiary)  in Saudi Arabia.
Jul. 2001 Established Denso Manufacturing Czech (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in the Czech Republic.
Feb. 2003 Established Denso (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2005 Made a capital investment in Smiths Manufacturing (Pty) Limited, an affiliate accounted for under the equity method) of South Africa.
Feb. 2007 Established Denso International Asia Co., Ltd. (DIAT) (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Thailand as regional headquarters for the Group's operations in Australia and Asia.
Mar. 2010 The Company was delisted from the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Nov. 2010 Established Denso Sales and Middle East & North Africa FZE, which is a consolidated subsidiary.
May 2011 Established Denso Cambodia Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
2012 Robert Bosch sold its stake-holding in the Company, dissolving their capital-holdings partnership.
2013 Announced that it will acquire shares in Germany-based ADASENS Automotive GmbH, which develops image recognition technologies.
Established a joint venture Yantai Shougang TD Automotive Compressor Co., Ltd. with Toyoda Industries in Yantai, Shandong, China. It will manufacture compressors for car air-conditioners.
Established a joint venture named Pricol Components Limited with local supplier Pricol Limited in order to expand instrument cluster business in India.
Nov. 2017 Acquired Fujitsu Ten Limited (currently Denso Ten Limited: consolidated subsidiary)
Apr. 2018 Acquired and absorbed the operations of Asmo Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2020 Acquired Toyota Motor Corporation’s electronic parts business, launching business operations as the Denso Hirose Plant.

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