Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE

Company Profile



1, allee Pierre Burelle, 92593 Levallois Cedex, France

Business Overview

-The Company is a French manufacturer and one of the global leaders in manufacturing plastic products for the automotive industry.

-For fiscal year 2018, because of acquisition of HBPO, which is a German front-end module assembly Company, the Company reconstructed its business in following two segments:

  • Plastic Omnium Industries
    • Intelligent Exterior Systems: business area for complex body and intelligent body systems, replacing the former "Auto Exterior" terminology
    • Clean Energy Systems: business area for clean energy storage systems, replacing the former "Fuel Systems" Terminology
  • Plastic Omnium Modules : module assembly activities (includes newly added HBPO)

-At December 31, 2018, the Company's entire Group revenue were from automotive activity. 

-For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, the Company succeeded 178 launches worldwide.


-Listed on NYSE Euronext Paris. (As of Dec. 31, 2018)
Shareholders Equity Capital (%)
Burelle SA 58.51
Public 38.98
Company-held shares 1.54
Employee shareholders 0.97
Total 100.00


Auto Exterior
-Fascias and bumper systems
-Body panels and spoilers
-Structural parts, semi-structural parts and energy absorption systems:

  • Hoods
  • Front-end carriers
  • Fender carriers
  • Beams
  • Rear floors
  • Bumpers

-Front-end modules
-Fenders and fender modules
-Rear closure systems
-Active grille shutters
-Active front spoilers
-Active side shutters

Auto Inergy
-Plastic fuel systems

  • Blow-molded fuel systems
  • Multilayer fuel systems
  • Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) fuel systems
  • Twin Sheet Blow-Molding (TSBM) fuel systems
  • Fuel systems for hybrids
  • Plastic filler pipes
  • INBAFFLE noise reduction solutions

-Diesel emissions reduction systems

  • DINOx Premium NOx reduction system with onboard SCR storage and delivery


1947 Company was founded in Paris, France.
1962 The Company's first plant was built in Langres, France.
1972 The Company's first international plant was built in Valencia, Spain.
1986 Acquired Landry and Techni-Plaste Industrie in France, a supplier of fuel tanks and the precursor of Inergy Automotive Systems
1995 Acquired Reydel Industries in France, a manufacturer of interior equipment, specifically consoles and dashboards, the business is later sold to Visteon in 1999.
2000 Formed a joint venture with Solvay, Inergy Automotive Systems.
2003 Inaugurated the new international R&D center in Lyon, France.
2004 Formed a joint venture with Hella and Behr to create HBPO, a supplier of front-end modules.
2006 Acquired a controlling interest in Inoplast, a European leader in composite components.
Formed a joint venture with Xietong to create XieNO.
2007 Formed a joint venture with Yanfeng Visteon to create YFPO in China.
Formed a joint venture with Varroc to create PO Varroc in India.
2010 Acquired all oustanding shares in Inergy Automotive Systems.
Acquired Peguform's plant in Vigo, Spain, which produces body components for PSA Peugeot Citroen.
2011 Acquired Ford's fuel systems business in the United States through Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy.
Acquired Plastal Poland through Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior.
2012 Formed a joint venture with DSK to form DIPO in Russia to manufacture fuel systems.
Formed a joint venture with Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co Ltd. (BHAP) in China.
2013 Opened new R&D center in Venette, France.
Jul. 2016 Completed the acquisition of the Faurecia's Exterior Systems business for an enterprise value of EUR 665 million.
Mar. 2017 Sold seven European sites to US-based Flex-N-Gate Group.
Jun. 2017 Sold its truck composites business to the German group mutares AG.

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