ABC Technologies Inc. (Formerly ABC Group, Inc.)

Company Profile



2 Norelco Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M9L 2X6, Canada

Business Overview

-ABC Technologies is a tier 1 supplier designs, engineers, manufactures and sells functional and decorative parts, as well as assemblies from injection, blow and polyurethane compression molding processes for automotive. The Company also offers interior painting services, and high-quality finish exterior painting through its 50% owned joint ventures.

-The Company operates its business through the following six product groups:

  • HVAC Distribution Systems
  • Interior Systems
  • Exterior Systems
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Air Induction Systems
  • Flexible & Other

-On January 22, 2021, the Company changed its name from ABC Group Holdings Parent Inc. to ABC Technologies Holdings Inc.

-In February 2021, the Company's common shares began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


-The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (As of Jun. 24, 2021)
Shareholders % of share capital
Apollo Global Management, Inc. 52.7
ABC Group Canada LP 26.4
public shareholders 20.9
Total 100.0


Interior Systems

  • Floor Consoles
  • Cargo Management Systems
  • Interior Trim
  • Seat Backs
  • Load Floor/Deck Boards
  • Knee/Side
  • Door Panels

 Exterior Systems

  • Spoilers
  • Running Boards
  • Bumper Systems
  • Body Side Molding
  • Rocker Panels
  • Cladding
  • Cargo Management Systems
  • Bed Extenders
  • Roof Ditch Molding

HVAC Distribution Systems

  • Defroster Ducts
  • I/P Ducts
  • Floor Ducts
  • Auxiliary Ducts
  • Battery Cooling Ducts
  • Brake Cooling Ducts
  • Air Guides
  • Aspirator
  • Module Components

Air Induction Systems

  • Integrated Air Induction Systems
  • Turbo Ducts
  • Air Intake Ducts
  • Resonators
  • Air Cleaner Housing
  • Clean/Dirty Air Ducts
  • Air Box Filters

Fluid Management Systems

  • Windshield Washer Reservoir Assemblies
  • Coolant Overflow Reservoir Assemblies
  • Surge Tank Assemblies
  • Power Steering Reservoirs
  • Battery Trays

Flexible Products

  • CVJ boots
  • Rack Pinion Boot
  • Air Demister Hoses
  • Prop Shaft Boots
  • Suspension Dust Covers
  • Steering Column Covers


1974 ABC Group Inc. formed.
1977 Acquired Polybottle.
1985 Entered a joint venture agreement with Inepsa in Spain to form Plasticos ABC S.A.
1986 Formed a joint venture with Todd Stewart to form International Sales & Engineering Inc.
1987 Formed a joint venture with Nishikawa Kasei Co. of Japan to form N-A Plastic Co., Ltd., a blow-molding plant.
1990 Formed a joint venture in Germany for marketing and development of blow-molded products.
1994 ABC Automobil Formteile GmbH in Germany and Plasticos ABC Spain, S.A. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
1997 International Sales & Engineering Inc. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
1999 MSB Plastics Manufacturing Ltd. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
2001 Acquired Hynes blow-molding operation from Lankfer Diversified Industries Incorporated.
2010 ABC Group Fuel Systems announced strategic alliance with YAPP Automotive Parts Co. Ltd.
2011 Entered a joint venture agreement with Ningbo Inoac Huaxiang Automobile Products Co. Ltd. in China.
Signed Global Alliance agreement with Japan's Inoac Corporation.
Jul. 2016 Acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., a leading global private investment firm.
2021 Changed the name from ABC Group Holdings Parent Inc. to ABC Technologies Holdings Inc.
2021 Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange