Aptiv PLC (Formerly Delphi Automotive PLC)

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5725 Delphi Drive, Troy, Michigan 48098-2815, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading global technology and mobility company which serves the automotive market. The Company designs and manufactures vehicle components, providing electrical, electronic and active safety technology solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets.

-The Company was established in 1991 as the "Automotive Components Group" when GM reorganized its components businesses. It was incorporated in 1998 in anticipation of its separation from GM in 1999. On December 2017, the Company completed the separation of its former Powertrain Systems segment as a spin-off named Delphi Technologies PLC, and changed its name to Aptiv PLC.

-The Company is organized around the following core strategic product lines:

Segment Products Competitors
Signal and Power Solutions -Connectors
-Wiring assemblies and harnesses
-Cable management
-Electrical centers
-Hybrid high voltage and safety distribution systems
-Amphenol Corporation
-Sumitomo Electric Industries
-TE Connectivity
Advanced Safety and User Experience -Sensing and perception systems
-Multi-domain controllers
-Vehicle connectivity systems
-Application software
-Autonomous driving technologies
-Cloud-native software platforms
-DevOps tools
-Harman International
-Hyundai Mobis

-In January 2022, in order to harness the potential of connected intelligent systems, strengthen its capabilities in software-defined mobility and to enable advanced smart vehicle architecture changes, the Company entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Wind River Systems, Inc. Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge. Previously, in 2021, the Company executed a strategic collaboration agreement with Wind River to develop a software toolchain for various automotive applications.

-In March 2020, to further its position in the automated driving space, the Company completed a transaction with Hyundai Motor Group to form Motional, Inc., a joint venture focused on the design, development and commercialization of autonomous driving technologies. Motional began testing fully driverless systems in 2020 and anticipates it will have a production-ready autonomous driving platform available to test at prototype scale in 2022, with higher volumes available for deployment in 2023. Motional is involved in collaborative arrangements with mobility providers and with cities such as Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as solutions are developed for the evolving nature of mobility.


-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Upon the completion of the spin-off of Delphi Technologies on December 4, 2017, the Company changed its name and was listed under the symbol “APTV”.


Advanced Safety
-Next-Generation ADAS platform
-Sensor fusion software
-Software-based environmental model
-Next-generation forward-facing radars
-Corner radars
-Side radars
-Active safety domain controller
-Satellite Architecture
-Forward facing radar
-Short range radar
-On-board camera
-Driver monitoring system
-Active safety domain controller

Connected Services
-Aptiv Connect end-to-end vehicle data platform
-Vehicle data recorders (VDRs)
-Connect Edge software performing real-time analytics

Connection Systems
-High-voltage connectors
-Automotive ethernet connection systems (AMEC)
-High Speed FAKRA (HSF) connectors
-USB media modules
-Wireless charging systems
-Power Connection & Isolation (PCI) device
-High-voltage electrical centers
-Low-voltage electrical centers
-Integrated OS and hypervisors
-Digital twin and cloud services
-Threat detection and mitigation systems

Connectivity & Security
-Keyless entry & remote access
-Ultrasonic interior sensing
-Electric vehicle sound generators
-Body control modules
-HVAC control
-4G/5G cellular communication (CDMA/GSM)
-Edge compute and on-board diagnostics
-Domain controllers (body & security, propulsion/chassis)
-Zone controllers (power management and smart fusing, data input/output)
-Secure connected gateways (vehicle network management, broadcast, cellular, GPS, V2X)

Electrical Distribution Systems
-High-voltage cabling
-High-voltage connectors
-Internal battery connections
-Charging cable sets and inlets
-Power distribution boxes and battery disconnect units

HellermannTyton products
-Cable ties and fixings
-Cable protection systems
-Electrical installation
-Identification systems
-Application tooling

Smart Vehicle Architecture
-Zone controllers
-Central vehicle controllers
-Advanced software development

User Experience
-Navigation head unit
-Projection head unit
-Integrated cockpit controller
-Open server platform
-Driver sensing
-Cabin sensing
-IVI software stack
-Interior sensing software suite
-Sound suite

Vehicle Electrification Systems
-EVSE chargers
-Round wires
-Module busbar connectors
-HV wire (shielded/unshielded)
-Power distribution boxes and battery disconnect units
-Weather tight seal
-Direct mate connectors


1991 The Company was formed as the "Automotive Components Group" when GM organized its components businesses.
1995 Adopted name Delphi Automotive Systems.
1997 GM transferred Delco Electronics to Company's business sector in connection with the spin-off by GM of its defense electronics business.
1998 Company was incorporated in Delaware as a wholly owned subsidiary of GM
Jan. 1999 Company became an independent company in accordance with the terms of the Master Separation Agreement to which the Company and GM are parties.
Feb. 1999 Company became a publicly held company through an IPO.
May 1999 Spin-off from GM completed through the distribution of the Company's remaining shares owned by GM.
Mar. 2002 Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation renamed as Delphi Corporation.
Nov. 2003 Acquired Grundig Car InterMedia System GmbH for approximately USD 39 million, net of cash acquired. Grundig is a full line producer of vehicle audio systems, telematics devices and other vehicle entertainment products.
Nov. 2004 The Company and Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. will establish a new joint venture company in North America for design, production, and sale of wire harnesses.
Jul. 2005 Sold its battery product line, with the exception of two U.S. operations, to Johnson Controls, for USD 202.5 million.
Jul. 2005 Sold all shares it held in Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2005 The Company's Chapter 11 cases were filed out in the US bankruptcy court.
Mar. 2006 Established a joint venture with a European brake system supplier, Roland Brake Systems, to produce brake lining in India.
2Q 2006 Made an additional investment in Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Co. ("SDAAC") for approximately USD 14 million, which increased its equity ownership interest in SDAAC from 34 percent to 50 percent.
Apr. 2006 Opening of "China Technical Center (CTC)," the new R&D base in Shanghai, China.
Aug. 2006 Announced that it will dissolve a seatbelt joint venture with Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2007 Opened a joint venture which manufactures seat belts with Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company Ltd. (BAIC).
Jan. 2008 The US bankruptcy court for the southern district of New York entered an order confirming the first amendment joint plan of reorganization.
Oct. 2008 Filed modifications to the first amendment joint plan of reorganization.
Mar. 2009 The Company and GM have agreed to amend GM's liquidity advance agreement and raise GM's commitment from USD 300 million to USD 450 million.
Oct. 2009 Announced the virtual consummation of its reorganization plan as it has come out of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
2010 Divested Occupant Protection Systems operations (Korea and China), Pyrotechnic Safety Switch assets in Europe and its 51 percent share in the Chinese seatbelt maker Beijing Delphi Automotive Safety Products Co. to Autoliv.
Nov. 2011 Delphi PLC was listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Oct. 2012 Acquired FCI Group's Motorized Vehicles Division (MVL).
Sep. 2014 Acquired Antaya Technologies Corp., the largest manufacturer of on-glass connectors for the automotive industry in North America.
Sep. 2014 Acquired Unwired Technology LLC, a supplier of media connectivity modules.
Apr. 2015 Completed the exit of its Electrical Wiring business located in Argentina, which was previously reported within the Electrical/Electronic Architecture segment.
Jun. 2015 Divested Thermal Systems business unit to Mahle GmbH for cash considerations of approximately USD 660 million.
Jul. 2015 Acquired Ottomatika, Inc., an automated vehicle system software developer, for a total consideration of USD 32 million.
Jul. 2015 Completed the sale of its reception systems business, which was previously reported within the Company's Electronics and Safety segment, consisting of automotive antennas and in-vehicle TV tuners, to China-based Northeast Industries Group Corp, for approximately USD 25 million.
Sep. 2015 Sold its remaining 50% interest in Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation joint venture, originally part of its Thermal Systems unit, to its partner for USD 70 million.
Nov. 2015 Acquired Control-Tec, LLC, a leading provider of telematics and cloud-hosted data analytics solutions, for a purchase price of USD 104 million at closing.
Dec. 2015 Acquired HellermannTyton Group PLC, a manufacturer of cable management solutions, for GBP 1.07 billion.
Mar. 2016 Closed the sale of its 50 percent interest in its Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning joint venture to one of Delphi's joint venture partners, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2016 Acquired 100% of the equity interests of PureDepth, Inc., a leading provider of 3D display technology, for approximately USD 15 million.
Dec. 2016 Completed the sale of its Mechatronics business, which was previously reported within the Company's Electronics and Safety segment, for net cash proceeds of approximately USD 197 million.
Jan. 2017 Completed acquisition of Movimento, a provider of over-the-air software lifecycle and data management solutions.
Nov. 2017 Completed acquisition of nuTonomy, Inc., a developer of autonomous driving software solutions.
Dec. 2017 Completed spin-off of Delphi Technologies, a company focused on the development of powertrain technologies.
Jun. 2018 Acquired 100% of the equity interests of KUM, a specialized manufacturer of connectors for the automotive industry, for total consideration of $526 million .
Oct. 2018 Acquired 100% of the equity interests of Winchester Interconnect (“Winchester”), a leading provider of custom engineered interconnect solutions for harsh environment applications, for approximately $682 million.
Apr. 2019 Established China Autonomous Mobility Center in Shanghai.
Mar. 2020 Established Motional, an automated driving technology joint venture with Hyundai.
Dec. 2022 Completed acquisition of an 85% equity stake in Intercable Automotive Solutions, a company specializing in high-voltage power distribution and interconnect technology, for EUR 595 million.
Completed acquisition of Wind River, a company specializing in embedded system and cloud software, for USD 3.5 billion from TPG Capital.

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