Draexlmaier Group (Fritz Draexlmaier GmbH & Co. KG)

Company Profile




Landshuter Strasse 100, 84137 Vilsbiburg, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company develops and manufactures interior, electric, electronic and electromobility components and systems for the automotive industry.

-The Company focuses primarily on the premium automotive segment, with customers including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.


-The Company is family owned.


Electric components
-Wiring harnesses
-Modular power distributors
-Connector systems
-Individual wiring harness systems
-Stand-alone wiring harnesses
-Engine wiring harnesses

Electronic components
-High-voltage fuse boxes
-Body grommets
-Cable guides
-Battery management systems
-Intelligent power distributors
-DC/DC converters
-Interior and body electronics

Interior components
-Instrument panels
-Center consoles
-Door panels
-RGB-LED lighting
-Ambient lighting
-Surface trim

Energy storage systems and components
-High-voltage battery systems
-Low-voltage battery systems
-High-voltage control boxes
-Battery status indicators

Door and cockpit modules


1958 Company was founded.
1974 Began operations at the Company's first foreign production site in Tunisia.
1976 Began operations in North America, producing wiring harnesses and interior components.
1998 Opened the Draexlmaier Technology Center in Vilsbiburg, Germany.
2004 Began production of electrical and interior components in China.
2007 Began production in Moldova.
2012 Opened a new plant in Xiaoshi, China.

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