Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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4-5-33, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-hu, 541-0041, Japan

Business Overview

-Major manufacturer of wire harnesses.

-The Company operates the following five business sectors: automotive, information-communications, electronics, environmental energy, and industrial materials. From April 2018, the Company has been focusing its management resources in the connected sector under the mobility segment. In order to strengthen its development capabilities in areas such as automotive parts, ITS, and other products, the Company consolidated the automotive and the systems business, which was under the information-communications business. It set up a software strategy office within the automotive business sector.

-The automotive business deals in the following products: Wire harnesses, Automotive electric parts (the Company and Sumitomo Wiring Systems), Anti-vibration rubber, automotive hose (Sumitomo Riko).


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Nagoya Stock Exchange, and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2018)
Name or Company name Investment ratio (%)
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 7.32
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 6.52
Nippon Life Insurance Co. 3.17
Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. 1.99
State Street Bank West Client - Treaty 505234 1.85
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account 5) 1.81
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account 9) 1.57
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account 1) 1.35
Total 28.90


Wiring harnesses for automobiles
-Aluminum wiring harnesses
-Optical harnesses
-Harnesses for sliding doors
-Antenna harnesses

Component parts of wiring harnesses

  • Waterproof connectors
  • High-frequency connectors
  • Connectors for modules

-Electric wires

  • Low-voltage cable electric wires for automotive
  • PVC conductive wires complied with ISO
  • Aluminum wires

-Exterior equipments

  • Corrugated tubes
  • Simple protection nets
  • Grommets

Products for Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
-Under-floor pipe harnesses
-Motor cables
-Charger connectors
-High-voltage junction blocks
-Bus bar modules
-Heat resistance wires

Electronics components
-Electronics Control Unit
-Junction blocks
-Relay boxes
-Small relay modules
-Power distributors
-Heater control panels
-Center modules

Anti vibration rubbers
-Highly-functional rubber materials
-ACM: Active Control Mount
-Liquid enclosed type suspension bushes
-Diaphragm accumulators
-Bushes made from highly durable rubber

Components for tires
-Steel cords
-Bead wires

Powder metallurgical products

Wheel speed sensors

ABS sensor cables for brake


Apr. 1897 Sumitomo Headquarters acquired Nippon Copper Co., Ltd. and established Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works as a (direct management Company) to produce copper wires.
Mar. 1899 Acquired Osaka Copper Co., Ltd. and established the Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works Nakanoshima factory.
Apr. 1890 Started manufacturing insulated wires.
Oct. 1909 Started test development of telecommunications cables.
Aug. 1911 Separated wire manufacturing from Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works and set up the Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works with capability to produce almost all kinds of electric cables.
Apr. 1916 Started production of enamel wires.
Dec. 1916 Built and moved operations to a new plant at the current Osaka plant site.
Dec. 1920 Separated from Sumitomo Headquarters and reorganized as Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works (with capital of 10 million yen).
Oct. 1931 Invested in Tokai Electric Wire Co., Ltd.(currently named Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.)
Sep. 1932 Started manufacturing special-metal wires such as oxidation resistant nickel wires.
Oct. 1937 Invested in Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Nov. 1939 Adopted new corporate name, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (current name).
Jan. 1943 Started manufacturing anti-vibration rubber and fuel tanks.
Nov. 1948 Started selling sintered products.
May 1949 Listed its stock on the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya stock exchanges.
Jul. 1962 Located the home office to Chuo Ward (current location) in Osaka, from the Konohana Ward.
Jun. 1963 Started manufacturing disk brakes.
Jun. 1986 Established Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc in the U.S.
Jan. 1993 Opened its Harima Research Laboratories.
Jul. 1999 Transferred the brake and ABS business to Sumitomo Denko Brake Systems Corp.
Jul. 2000 Acquired Lucas Sumitomo Brakes (LSB), which was a joint-venture with TRW in Ohio, USA, and made it into a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Nov. 2000 Established SEI Brake Systems Thailand, a manufacturer of disc brakes.
Mar. 2001 Established SEWS-CABIND S.p.A. (Cabind) in Italy jointly with Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Inc. and other companies to produce wire harnesses.
Mar. 2006

Acquired German auto wire-harness manufacturer (currently Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH).

Aug. 2007 Made Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. its wholly owned subsidiary.
Aug. 2009 In reorganizing its optics and electronic business divisions, launched Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations Inc.
2012 Established Sumiden Hyosung Steel Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Hyosung Corporation, which is a major supplier of tire reinforcement material based in Korea; in Rayong Province.
Established "SUMI REMA EV Solutions GmbH", a joint venture with Sumitomo Wiring Systems and REMA, a charging-connector manufacturer based in Germany; to develop and design charging connectors for electric vehicles.

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