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IAA Frankfurt Auto Show 2017

48v Electric Parts


Parts of Electrification

48V DC/DC Converter

48V Integrated Belt Starter Generator

Cockpit controller

2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Connected demonstration vehicle

-Features integrated cockpit, voice recognition, gesture and eye gaze control.

Automated demonstration vehicle

-Includes six electronically scanning radars, four short range radars, three different cameras, six lidars, and a V2X system. Also features a driver monitoring system and drive-by-wire system.

Multec GDi multi-hole fuel injector

Multec GDi compressed natural gas injector

GDi high pressure fuel pump

Engine control unit

Diesel Multec solenoid injector

Common rail

Diesel high pressure fuel pump

2-step valve lift roller finger follower

Center feed cam phaser with torque energy capture

Electric variable cam phaser

Vehicle electrification model

Connectors and housings

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

GDI high pressure fuel rail

GDI multi-hole fuel injector

GDI engine control module

HVAC module real blower


High pressure fuel pump


Common rail

Wireless charging device

HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) media port

Solid state electrical center

Airbag connectors

MyFi smartphone car interconnected system

SAE 2015 World Congress

RACam (Radar and Camera)

Installed vehicle: Volvo "XC90" -PACE Award finalist which features integrated systems for combined radar, vision, sensor and vehicle control capabilities.

Multi domain controller

-Available in 2016

Intelligent Forward View (IFV) camera

Short Range Radar (SRR)

Mid Range Radar (MRR)

-Available in 2017

Low temperature radiator - Bed type

Low temperature radiator - Full face

Liquid Cooled Charge Air Cooler (LCCAC)

-Focused on European market. Due to frontal pedestrian protection system regulations in Europe, a significant amount of space under the vehicle's hood is reserved for the safety system. Thus, the compact design of the LCCAC is especially beneficial for the region.


Integrated front and rear HVAC assembly

Installed vehicle: Honda "2016 Acura MDX" -PACE Award finalist, the unit saves space and reduces number of components by providing the function of both front and rear HVAC units in a single assembly

Cold storage evaporator

Installed vehicle: Honda "2016 Acura MDX"

Selective Catalytic Reduction dosing system

Urea delivery module

Diesel engine ECU

SCR doser

Ammonia (NH3) sensor

Ammonia (NH3) controller / NOx reduction control module

-Made in Singapore

MULTEC common rail system

-Diesel common rail system featuring a compact packaging, low noise, and reduced emissions.

Particulate Matter (PM) sensor with controller

Ammonia (NH3) sensor with controller

-Made in Singapore

Compact ignition coil

Multi-charge ignition coil

Variable Output Ignition Coil with Electronics (VOICE)

-Production begins in mid-2016

Single Output Adjustable Spark (SOAS) ignition coil

2-step valve lift roller finger follower

2-step valve lift roller finger follower oil control valve

Gdi Multec 14 Injector

Gdi Multec 12 Injector

Gdi high pressure pump (400 bar)

Gdi engine control module

Gdi high pressure injectors and rail

Mini oxygen sensor

Battery monitoring device in LIN & CAN protocol

Electrical center

Aluminum wiring

40A solid state relay

10A solid state relay

Hardwired/PCB interior electrical center

HDMI type E cable assembly

Ethernet 0.64 cable assembly

USB Type A 3.0/3.1 cable assembly

Micro High Speed Digital Data (HSDD) cable assembly

USB cable assembly

USB cable and header

Sealed USB connection and cable assembly

LVDS cable assembly

Wireless display charging

Consumer ports and media modules

-Available protocols and device connections include: ・USB ・HDMI ・SD ・AUX ・RCA

SAE China 2014

Car interconnection transmission technology- MirrorLink

-The in-car entertainment system can be connected with smart phones via the phone's USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to conduct information exchange and improve in-car entertainment systems’ networking capabilities. It is expected to be mass production by the end of 2014. The product can be used on android phones such as Samsung, Sony, HTC and other mobile phones.

Next-generation high-definition instrument cluster

-It is under development in USA now and is expected to be mass production in China in 2015.

LED module


Vehicle sound generator

Smart keyfob

Battery backed sounder

Ultrasonic intrusion protection

Intelligent forward view camera

Rear view camera

Electronically scanning radar

RACam - Integrated Radar and Camera

Rear and side detection system

Airbag control unit

Seat belt reminder

Passive occupant detection system

Wireless charging system

Portable electric vehicle charger

Installed: BYD


RACam - Integrated Radar and Camera

-Production begins in Q1 2015. -Precursor to autonomous vehicle technology. Radar provides long range detection while camera provides identification capabilities of objects. Mounted to vehicle's rearview mirror.

360° Sensing short range radar

-Used in Volvo vehicles. -Precursor to autonomous vehicle technology. Features closing vehicle warning system which informs drivers of faster moving vehicles approaching in other lanes as well as other capabilities.

Delphi Connect System

-System which incorporates a plug and play module that connects to a vehicle's OBD-II connector port. Allows user to access information on a smartphone or computer about a vehicle's activity, location, and recent trips. -Also allows a smartphone to act as a key fob.

China Auto Parts And Service Show 2014

Next generation high resolution cluster

ESR (Electronic scanning radar)

Radar-camera combo unit "RA Cam"

RVC (Rear view camera)

IFV (Intelligent forward view)

RSDS (Rear and side detection system)

USB cable

Ethernet cable

LVDS cable

Safety restraint systems

SAE 2014 World Congress

Driver Assist System Related Products RACam - Integrated Radar and Camera

-Precursor to autonomous vehicle technology. -Radar provides long range detection while camera provides object identification. -Mounted to vehicle's rearview mirror -Production begins in Q1 2015.

360° Sensing short range radar

-Used in Volvo vehicles. -Features closing vehicle warning system which informs drivers of faster moving vehicles approaching in other lanes.

Intelligent Forward View camera - IFV

Climate Control Cold storage evaporator -Thermal storage unit

-Phase change evaporator

-Consists of a thermal storage unit and phase change evaporator. -For use in conjunction with stop-start systems to provide cabin cooling through the phase change material when the engine is shut off.

Compact Variable Compressor - CVC

SCR System Selective Catalytic Reduction dosing system

-Features include variable spray patterns, high spraying pressure, fine spray size, and a system which involves fewer components and moving parts. -Production begins in 2016.

Dosing injector

Diesel engine ECU

Urea delivery module

Ammonia (NH3) sensor

Ammonia (NH3) sensor controller

-Production begins in 2014.

SCR driver module

Engine Related Products 2-step valve lift roller finger follower - RFF

-Production begins in 2015.

Gasoline high pressure fuel pump

Gasoline injectors and fuel rail

Compact plug top coil ignition

-Production begins in 2014.

Heated tip cold start system

Particular Matter (PM) sensor with controller

-Production begins in 2014.

Linear Oxygen Sensor - OSL

HV/HEV Electrical Systems DC-DC converter


HV/EV Connection Systems High voltage auxiliary module

High voltage power conversion

Charging inlet

Charger and charging cable

Connectors and Wiring Underhood electrical center

ErgoMate mechanical assist connector system

Sealed SRS connector

AK2+ connector

Aluminum cable and wiring

-Production of intermediate cables begin in 2015. All other cables and wiring are currently in production.

Data Connectivity Systems Consumer ports and media modules

High speed data cable and connector assembly

Wireless device charger

-Currently ready for production

Manufacturing Processes Friction Stir Welding (FSW) process

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) Engine Management System

Mini Variable Compressor

GDi Engine Control Module

Multi-Hole Fuel Injector

GDi High Pressure Fuel Rail

GDi High Pressure Fuel Pump

Electronic Throttle Control Valve

Compact Ignition Coil

2-Step Valve Lift Roller Finger Follower

Hydraulic Cam Phaser & Oil Control Valve

Electric Variable Cam Phaser

Oxygen Sensor

Embedded Computer

Combo type plug for EV

FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress (Beijing)

ESR 18way header Intelligent Forward View Camera (IFV)
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Image   Image  
Rear and side detection system RACam
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Image   Image  
RVC Intelligent Forward View Camera (IFV)
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Image   Image  

Electronically scanning radar 3D enhanced reconfigurable display
Installed vehicle:
Hongqi H7
Image   Image  
Next generation high-resolution cluster

Diesel multec common rail system Gasoline direct injection(GDI)
Image   Image  
Connectors Terminals 
Image   Image  

2012 Delhi Auto Expo (India)

Single DIN Radio Infotainment Systems


Media Center Rooftop Antenna with Integrated Connectivity Module


Reconfigurable Display Charge Coupler Connector


Connection System Radiator Core & Scroll Compressor


Radiator A/C System


Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Management System Fuel Handling & Evap




2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Multec Gasoline Direct Injection Homogeneous Engine Management System Multec Diesel Common Rail System Representation


Heat Management Solution  

2010 Delhi Auto Expo

DC/DC converter for
start/stop application
Powerbox system
Image : Start/stop system Image  
Image : DC/DC converter    
Ultrasonic sensing with
integrated inclination sensor
Body Control Module (BCM) Immobilizer
Image   Image  
Sensing and diagnostic module Seat belt reminder sensor

Image   Image  
Instrument cluster  
E/E architecture  
Electrical center Data connectivity system
Image   Image  
Halogen-free 0.13mm2 cable Wiring harness
Image   Image  
HVAC module Condenser
Image   Image  
Compressor Radiator
Image : Rotary vane (80cc) Image  
Image : CSR70 (Scroll compressor)    
Gasoline multi-port fuel injection system
Probe air meter Electronic throttle body
Image   Image  
Active intake mixture motion,
Multec 3.5 MPFi with stainless fuel rail
Engine crank sensor
Image   Image  
Canister purge solenoid Cam sensor
Image   Image  
Pencil coil ignition Dual independent cam phasing
Image   Image  
Oil control valve Coolant sensor
Image   Image  
Engine Control Unit (ECU) Knock sensor
Image   Image  
Planar switching oxygen sensor  
Multec GDi engine management system
Probe air meter Electric throttle body
Image   Image  
Manifold pressure sensor (right)
Knock sensor (left)
Crank sensor
Image   Image  
Dual independent cam phasing
with oil control valve
Multi-charge ignition
Image   Image  
Multec 20 GDi injector Hydraulic lash adjuster,
2 steps roller finger follower
Image   Image  
High pressure pump Cam sensor
Image   Image  
Canister purge solenoid Coolant sensor
Image   Image  
Linear oxygen sensor Planar switching oxygen sensor
Image   Image  
Engine control unit Bed type charge air cooler
Image   Image  
Fuel handling and evaporative system
Evaporative emission canister Evaporative emission canister
Image   Image  
In line fuel module Bottom mounted fuel module
Image   Image  
Top mounted fuel module  
Bi-fuel CNG  
Image Image    
Image Image    

Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd.

Two cylinders rotary DPC pump DFP-1 High pressure pump
Image   Image  
Rotary DPCN pump ECU
Image   Image  

Tokyo Motor Show 2004

At its show booth, the Company displayed a safety truck loaded with current, future and concept technologies that work together to improve safety.

-One of the highlights of the Company's engine management systems is the E3, its newest diesel injector. The E3, which was on display at the show at both the Company's and Nissan Diesel's booths, is the world's first electronic unit injector to provide variable injection rates. This allows for optimization of combustion and helps increase performance and balance between superior fuel economy and reduced emissions. The system also allows multiple injections giving engineers the opportunity to introduce pilot, close-coupled pilot, main split and late post injections in addition to the main injection event.

-This new injector uses two electronically activated high-performance valves to allow precise shaping of injection itself, enabling improved fuel economy, increased performance and substantially reduced emissions compared with today's current Electronic Unit Injectors (EUIs). The electronically activated valves are fully programmable and are controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The Company's electronic unit injector technology is suitable for diesel engines between 9L and 16L.

-The Company also displayed its Multec Duty Diesel Common Rail (MDCR) system, a diesel fuel injection system with models capable of 1800 bar system pressure. MDCR uses a solenoid injector that is designed to optimize fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy. It provides small injection quantities in a small injector package, and along with a closed-loop design delivers precise fuel quantities over the life of the engine. This helps result in cost-effective, robust low emissions and acoustics performance.