Excelle GT (Buick)

Dec 21, 2018

On December 17, SAIC-GM-Buick launched the 2019 versions of the Buick GL6, Excelle GT 18T, and Excelle GX 18T that meet the State VI emission standards. The new versions have the same price as the previous State V emission standard versions. The suggested retail price ranges from CNY 141, 900 to CNY 168,900 for GL6, CNY 136,900 to CNY 144,900 for Excelle GT, CNY 139,900 to CNY 147,900 for Excelle GX respectively.
The versions are equipped with GM’s next-generation 1.3T Ecotec turbocharged engines that have an output of 120 kW and up to 230 Nm of torque mated to 6-speed DSS (Dynamic Start/Stop Shift) smart transmissions. They have an NEDC mode fuel consumption of 6.6L/5.8L/5.9L (per 100km) respectively.
From SAIC GM press release

Sep 25, 2018

On September 21 SAIC-GM Buick launched the 2019 versions of the Excelle GT and the Excelle GX super connected vehicles. Four versions are available (two for the Excelle GT, and two for the Excelle GX), with recommended prices ranging from CNY 136,900 to CNY 147,900.
The vehicle is powered by the next-generation Ecotec 1.3T smart dual-injection turbocharged engine that has an output of 120 kW and up to 230 Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed DSS smart transmission.
It features an electric stability program (ESP), a side blind zone alert (SBZA) system, an electronic anti-glare interior rearview mirror, and a reverse image system.
The new versions of the Excelle GT/Excelle GX super connected vehicles are equipped with Buick’s updated eConnect technology that provides services including remote updating, new in-vehicle apps, multiple cloud car connected apps, and 24G OnStar network per year, all of which are free for the lifetime of the vehicle.
From an SAIC press release
From news issued on Buick’s website 1/2

Sep 07, 2015
Wuhan Yanfeng Johnson Controls Seating Co., Ltd. produced its 100,000th set of seats for SAIC GM's new Excelle GT on August 17, 2015. (From news releases issued by multiple sources on September 7, 2015)