Fiesta (Ford)

Jul 03, 2023

On June 30, multiple sources reported that Ford Motor Company will stop production of the Ford Fiesta from July 7, 2023, at its Cologne plant. Ford Fiesta will make way for the electric SUV Explorer at the “Cologne Electric Vehicle Center”.

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Apr 27, 2023

On April 27, Green NCAP announces the ratings for six cars new Nissan Ariya, Renault Austral, Volkswagen T-Roc, Volvo XC40, Ford Fiesta, and new Hyundai STARIA. Tests reveal that the Volkswagen T-Roc achieved the “Highest Clean Air Index” of all gasoline and diesel cars that Green NCAP has assessed to date. The electric Nissan Ariya stands out due to its high charging efficiency.
Hyundai STARIA is powered by a 2.2-liter diesel engine and this, coupled with its mass and size, delivers poor results in Green NCAP’s Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gases Indexes.
The Fiesta performed well but due to mediocre results in the Clean Air part of the assessment, delivers an average score of 42% and 2½ green stars. With an Average Score of 41%, the Volvo XC40 B3 receives 2½ Green Stars. The mild-hybrid system does not help the relatively heavy SUV to reach more than 4 points in the Energy Efficiency Index.
The T-Roc misses a 3-star rating and finishes with an average score of 49% and 2½ Green Stars. With an Average Score of 52%, the Austral receives a well-deserved 3 Green Star rating.  The Nissan Ariya confidently reaches an average score of 96% and 5 Green Stars.

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Dec 06, 2022

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on December 5, UK passenger car sales increased 23.5% to 142,889 units in November 2022
Year-to-date sales decreased 3.4% with 1,485,601 cars registered in the first eleven months of 2022.
November sales for VW increased 59.3% to 13,757 units (9.6% market share), Ford sales increased 111.1% to 11,078 units (7.8% share) while Audi sales increased 49.0% to 10,965 units (7.7% share). BMW sales increased 13.7% to 10,257 units (7.2% share) and Nissan sales increased 85.0% to 9,208 units (6.4% share).
The best-selling cars in November 2022 were Nissan Qashqai (5,636 units), Tesla Model Y (4,229 units), Mini (3,312 units), Ford Fiesta (2,869 units) and Vauxhall Corsa (2,537 units).
Compared to last November, gasoline-engine car sales increased 15.0% to 57,590 units (40.3% share), diesel-engine car sales decreased 5.6% to 5,605 units (3.9% share), EV increased 35.2% to 29,372 units (20.6% share), PHEV decreased 5.7% to 10,186 units (7.1% share), HEV increased 66.9% to 16,066 units (11.2% share), diesel MHEV increased 18.6% to 6,141 units (4.3% share), Gasoline MHEV increased 45.0% to 17,929 units (12.5% share).
In November, private car sales increased 2.7% to 64,292 units (45.0% share), fleet sales increased 45.4% to 74,184 units (51.9% share), and businesses sales increased 112.2% to 4,413 units (3.1% share).
Sales of all vans to 3.5 tons decreased 22.2% to 24,352 units, sales of trucks between 3.5 and 6.0 tons decreased 13.1% to 358 units while sales of taxis decreased 31.0% to 138 units in November.
The growth delivered the best total for November since 2019, with manufacturers continuing efforts to fulfil orders amid erratic global components supply. However, registrations in the month were still -8.8% below 2019 levels and, while further recovery is anticipated in 2023, global and domestic economic challenges mean that the market will remain below pre-pandemic levels.
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