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Marienstrasse 7, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany

Business Overview

- A leading German supplier of wires, cables, and other products for the automotive and other industries. The company operates through two divisions, Wiring Systems Division (WSD) and Wire & Cable Solutions (WCS), and is in the process of reorganizing these divisions.

Division Business fields
Wiring Systems Division -Manufacture of wiring harnesses, high-voltage harnesses, power distribution components, and special connectors for automotive applications
Wire & Cable Solutions -Manufacture of products such as wires, strands, fiber optics, and standard and specialty cables for automotive, medical, telecommunications and infrastructure applications *

-In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, 94% of the company's sales were to the automotive industry. The company is in the process of divesting its business in the WCS division and plans to focus on cables and wires for the automotive market.

* The divestitures in the WCS division are as follows:

Divested business / subsidiary Business fields Acquiring company
March, 2021 LEONI Schweiz AG Energy and infrastructure Helvetica Capital
March, 2021 Adaptricity AG Secure Meters
June, 2021 LEONI Kerpen GmbH Data communications and compounding
July, 2021 Oil and gas related business Production halted due to flood damage
October, 2021 Industrial solutions for major businesses BizLink
Q1 2022 Fiber optics Specialty fibers for optical measurement, industrial data transmission and reception, etc. Weinert Industries AG
j plasma GmbH


-The Company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Wiring Systems
-Complete wiring systems including integrated electronics
-Conventional cable harnesses
-Preformed cable harnesses
-Cable harnesses using flat cable technology
-Cable assemblies for ABS, EPS and other vehicle safety systems
-Engine harnesses
-Battery cables
-High-voltage harnesses
-Technical sub harnesses
-Overmolded connectors
-Intelligent power distribution systems
-Electromechanical power distribution systems
-Wiring system components (cable leadthroughs, cable ducts, fasteners, mounts, fuse boxes, etc.)
-Electronic components (controllers)
-Prefabricated modules (inside roof linings, door modules, etc.)
-Cable sets for HVAC
-Cable sets for the air-conditioning of HV batteries
-Cable channels and brackets
-Junction boxes
-Glow plug connectors
-Axle connectors
-Power Y-splitter
-Ultra-thin automotive cables

  • Brake pad wear sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • ABS sensor leads
  • Tire pressure sensors
  • Engine management sensors

Wires & Cables
Standard cables
-Shielded single-core cables
-Unshielded single-core cables
-Aluminum battery cables

Special cables
-Multi-core cables
-High-voltage cables for hybrid, EV and fuel cell vehicles
-Data transmission cables
-Coaxial cables
-Extruded flat cables
-Alternative materials
-Flexible power cables
-Solid aluminum power cables
-Cables with innovative conductor materials to reduce weight

Solutions for EV and HV
-Cables and cabling systems for electric powertrains
-High-voltage power distribution systems and fuse boxes
-Charging cables for EV and PHV

Solutions for high voltage batteries
-Battery internal cabling systems
-Battery cell connectors
-Low-voltage cables harnesses for battery management

Solutions for charging infrastructure
-Electric charging cables either straight or coiled
-Cables for the internal wiring of electric charging stations
-Cord sets with county-specific approvals

Pyrotechnical switch


1569 The first workshop for the manufacture of Lyonese Wares was founded in Nurnberg by Anthoni Fournier.
1621 Fournier's sons established other workshops for the manufacture of Lyonese Wares south of Nürnberg, including one in Roth.
This gave rise to several other companies
-Johann Balthasar Stieber & Sohn, Nuremberg
-Johann Philipp Stieber, Roth und die
-Vereinigte Leonische Fabriken, Nuremberg
Apr. 1917 The 3 companies Johann Balthasar Stieber & Sohn of Nuremberg, Johann Philipp Stieber of Roth, and Vereinigte Leonische Fabriken of Nuremberg merged to form Leonische Werke Roth-Nurnberg AG.
1928 Production of enameled wire.
1931 Change of the Company name to Leonische Drahtwerke AG, Nuremberg.
Production of rubber sheathed cables.
1943 Production of PVC insulated cables.
1948 Production of power cords (cord sets).
1956 Start of cable assembly manufacturing.
1967 Kitzingen plant was built (cable harness production)
1969 Kotzting plant was built (enamelled wire production)
1977 Subsidiaries Câbleries de Sousse, Tunisia (cable harness production) and ExpressKabel, Nuremberg, Germany (cable trading company) were established.
1978 Leonische France is set up as a sales office.
1981 Takeover of the former Grundig plant in Neuburg/Donau, Germany (cable assembly).
1983 Leonische U. K. was established (sales office).
1985 Subsidiaries Cableries de Centre, Tunisia (cable harness production) and L. D. Intercon, Ireland (cable assembly - today LEONI Ireland) were established.
1986 Lewron Kabeltechnik Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany, was founded (cable production and assembly).
1989 Takeover of Westfalische Kupfer- und Messingwerke AG, Ludenscheid, Germany (production of wires and strands) and of Kabelfabrik Otto Zimmermann (OZET), Lilienthal, Germany (production of cables and cable harnesses).
1990 Foundation of Leonische of America, Chicopee, USA (wires and stranded conductors).
1991 Takeover of aurnhammer+benedict GmbH & Co. KG, Weissenburg, Germany (wires and stranded conductors production) and foundation of Leonische Portugal (wiring harness production).
1992 Establishment of LEONI Hungaria, Eger, Hungary (wiring harness production) and Leoni Slovakia, Nova Dubnica, (cable assemblies).
1993 Foundation of Leoni Autokabel Slovakia, Trencin (wiring harness production), of LEWRON Kabeltechnik Polska, Torzym, Poland (cable assemblies) and joint venture of Leoni-EPAN, Singapore with production facilities in China (Xiamen and Changzhou).
1994 Leoni Cable Assemblies, Logansport (today in Tucson), USA, was established (cable assemblies).
1995 Foundation of Leoni Autokabel Polska, Ostrzeszow, Poland (wiring harnesses) and takeover of the Italian companies Felisi S.p.A., Milan, and Somea S.p.A., Corropoli (wires and stranded conductors).
1996 Takeover of the company Temco Ltd. Stanford, England (wires and stranded conductors).
Takeover of EPAN shares and change of name from EPAN-Leoni to Leonische of Asia, Singapore.
1997 Takeover of wiring harness production of the Hella company in South Africa and foundation of Leonische (South Africa), Uitenhage (cable harnesses).
Change of trade name of Lewron Kabeltechnik, Berlin to Lewron Kommunikationstechnik & Consulting GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Takeover of wiring harness business activities of Cummins Engine Company Inc., Columbus, USA and integrating it into LEONI Wiring Systems Inc., Tucson (formerly LEONI Cable Assemblies Inc.).
Foundation of Leoni Cable Mexico, Hermosillo.
Foundation of LKH, Leonische Kabelwerke Kft. Htavan, Hungary (cable production).
Jul. 1998 The Company's subsidiary in Poland, Leoni Autokabel Polska, announced that it had received a contract to supply Opel with cables.
Oct. 1998 Foundation of a joint-venture with Automotive Wiring Systems in Pune, India, to produce wiring harnesses. The Company has a 51% stake.
Nov. 1998 Opening an office in Detroit, USA, to be closer to its American customers. The Company plans to expand its operations in the USA.
1998 Integration of the company OZET Lilienthal, Germany (cable harnesses) into Leonische Drahtwerke AG. 
Merging of the subsidiaries CDC and CDS Tunisia to Leonische Tunisie (cable harnesses).
Takeover of the companies CWA, Belgium, now LEONI Cable Assemblies (Belgium) N.V. (cord sets) and elocab, Georgensgmund, Germany (special cables). 
Foundation of Leoni Wiring Systems (East London) in South Africa (cable harnesses) 
Foundation of  Leoni Cable Inc., Mexico (cable). Foundation of Leoni Automotive do Brasil Itu., Brazil (cable harnesses).
Jan. 1999 Establishment of a holding structure. Leonische Drahtwerke AG became LEONI AG and solely functions as a holding company. 
The strategic business is run by the three companies.
-Leoni Draht GmbH & Co. KG
-Leoni Kabel GmbH & Co. KG
-Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Feb. 1999 Acquisition of the French company Nicolitch SA, a European leader in the area of flexible circuit boards, which expanded Company's product portfolio. 
Mar. 1999 Agreement with the cable manufacturer AFL Michels to take over one of the latter's production plants in Wiedenbrucker, Germany.
Constructed a modern cable plant in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, in order to be in close proximity to UTA.
Oct. 1999 Acquisition of the companies Siemens Automobiltechnik Leitungen GmbH & Co. KG and Siemens Automobiltechnik Komponenten GmbH & Co. KG which used to be part of Siemens AG.
Dec. 1999 Acquisition of another part of Siemens' cables business (Siemens Automobiltechnik Leitungen GmbH & Co. KG) and its components operations (Siemens Automobiltechnik Komponenten GmbH & Co. KG). These groups produce automotive cables and sensors for the European automotive industry at Brake, Germany. This purchase made the Company a leading European automotive cable supplier.
2000 Establishment of Leoni Cable Slovakia spol. s.r.o, Stara Tura (Slovakia). Production program: cable assemblies and car kits for mobile phones.
Jan. 2000 Incorporation of Leoni Wiring Systems (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., China.
Mar. 2000 Takeover of Lucas Rists Wiring Systems in England from the American TRW group.
Leoni Wiring Systems opened new wiring harness manufacturing facility in Arad, Romania.
May 2000 Establishment of Leoni Cabos do Brasil Ltda., Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Aug. 2000 Foundation of the Polish plants Leoni Draht Polska Sp. z o. o., Kobierzyce, production program: wires and strands for the cable production.
Foundation of LEONI Kabel Polska Sp. z o. o., Kobierzyce, production program: automotive wires.
Sep. 2000 Opening of newly constructed cable factory, Leoni Cable S.A. de C.V. in Cuauthemoc, Mexico.
Oct. 2000 Leoni Kabel GmbH & Co. KG acquired a 51% interest in the Protec Kabel Produktion GmbH, Schmalkalden, Germany. The products of Protec is ready-to-fit special cable tubes for industrial robots.
The business of the Protec Kabel GmbH, has been taken over and will be continued under the new name Leoni Spezialkabelhandel GmbH.
Dec. 2000 Opening of wiring systems facility, Leoni Wiring Systems (East London) Ltd., East London, the second plants in South Africa.
Leoni Kabel GmbH & Co. KG acquired Siemens Kablo Sytemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi, Turkey. The manufacturer of automotive wires will continue under the name Leoni Kablo Turkiye.
Mar. 2001 Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG established a joint venture company, Inteldis (Integrated Electronic Distribution Systems) in Wurzburg, with the lighting and electronics supplier Hella KG Hueck & Co., with a 50% share for each company. The Company is responsible for the wiring harness architecture and the development of networking structures, and Hella is for electronics.
Jul. 2001 Hella KG Hueck & Co. and the Company signed a joint-venture agreement to develop new, intelligent wiring systems for the automobile industry. The name of the new company is Intedis GmbH and it is based in Wuerzburg.
Jan. 2002 Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG in Kitzingen, Germany, is preparing to build a production plant in the Ukraine.
Sep. 2004 Acquired all the equity in cable specialist Klink + Oechsle, based in the town of Ettlingen in Wuerttemberg, retroactive to 1 August 2004.
Dec. 2004 Leoni Bordnetze Holding GmbH, a subsidiary of the Company, signed a joint-venture agreement with the Chinese wiring system and component manufacturer THB. The agreement provides that Leoni will acquire a majority stake in the THB Group's largest facility, located in Liuzhou, southern China.
Jun. 2005 Acquired all the shares in Neumatic Elektronik + Kabeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm.
2006 Acquired the remaining 30% interest in the Leoni Wiring Systems (Luzhou) Co., Ltd. from the joint venture company. Leoni Wiring Systems (Luzhou) became a wholly owned subsidiary.
Jan. 2008 Acquired the wiring systems business of Valeo.
Mar. 2008 Acquired 50% interest in the South Korean wiring systems manufacturer Daekyeung.
Sep. 2011 Acquired all the equity in the South Korean wiring systems manufacturer Daekyeung. Daekyeung became a wholly-owned subsidiary.
May 2012 Set up the Business Unit Connectivity, acquiring a team of specialists as well as some of the assets of FCT electronic GmbH, based in Munich, Germany.
Nov. 2015 Established the San Lorenzo Plant in Paraguay to manufacture wire harnesses.
2016 Acquired 51% stake in Wuhan Hengtong Automotive, a Chinese wire systems manufacturer.
Feb. 2017 Acquired two-thirds of Adaptricity AG of Switzerland, a consulting firm that assists in software development.
2017 Established a base in Roth, Germany, for R&D and production of cables for autonomous driving and high-voltage charging as well as fiber-optic cables for telecommunications and infrastructure.
2017 Established a wire harness production base in Kolomyia, Ukraine, the second plant in the country.
2018 Built the third wire harness manufacturing site Serbia, in Nis.
Aug. 2019 Expansion of the EV charging cable manufacturing facility in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico.
Mar. 2021 Sale of subsidiaries Studer AG and LEONI Schweiz AG.
Mar. 2021 Sale of the data communication and compounding business of LEONI Kerpen GmbH.
Sep. 2021 Construction of the Kraljevo plant, the fourth site in Serbia.
Oct. 2021 Industrial business sold to BizLink.

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