Apr 19, 2019

On April 17, Kia Motors America unveiled the fully-electric, all-wheel drive, four-seat HabaNiro concept with an all-electric range of more than 300 miles, a level-five autonomous mode, and butterfly wing doors at New York International Auto Show.
Designed in its California studio, Kia describes the HabaNiro as an all-electric Everything Car or ECEV – commuter, crossover, sport utility, state-of-the-art technology workroom and adventure vehicle.
The HabaNiro is 171 inches long, 77 inches wide and 63 inches high, with a wheelbase of 111.5 inches.
Its e-AWD system consists of two electric motors, fore and aft, and advanced battery technology.
When HabaNiro’s part-time level-five autonomous driving system is engaged the steering wheel and instrument panel retract forward to provide more room for the front occupants.
The HabaNiro’s interior features a heads-up display, 180° rearview video display in place of physical mirrors, full windshield entertainment video system with surround sound, 3D speed readout display, full width acrylic touch panel with Sensory Light Feedback (SLF) with Technical Option Sharing System (TOSS), and AI-based R.E.A.D. technology Eye Tracking System (ETS) that enables 180° rearview video display when it senses the driver is looking upward.
HabaNiro’s occupants are kept comfortable by a slim Perimeter Ventilation System (PVS) that quietly and evenly blows a curtain of air throughout the cabin.

(Kia press release on April 17, 2019)

Apr 15, 2019

On April 6, Government of Georgia informed that manufacturing of electric cars will be launched in Georgia. It was announced by Prime Minister of Georgia at the presentation of the first Industrial Business Group focused on eco-friendly production.
According to the Head of Government of Georgia, Changan Corporation made a decision to construct its production factory in Georgia. As the Prime Minister of Georgia noted, strategic partners of Changan Corporation are such companies as Volkswagen and Ford.
Prime Minister of Georgia said from 2020 Georgia will be able to supply the market with electric cars. Plant will be built in Kutaisi. Production capacity of the plant will be 40,000 cars a year, out of which 50% will be designated for the domestic market, while 20,000 cars will be exported to the European Union (EU).
Aigroup Holding, comprising such companies as Aienergy, Aicar, Aipower and Aiproduction, is starting to operate at the Georgian market. It is worth noting that Aigroup Holding covers a car sharing concept, installation of electric chargers and solar energy panels. One of the core directions of the company is to start electric car manufacturing in Georgia.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed a few days ago about it by and between Aigroup and Changan Corporation. MOU will lead to the production of first electric cars under a Georgian trademark.
Govt of Georgia Press Release

Apr 15, 2019

On April 9, UK based Trustonic announced that Hyundai Motor America will demonstrate its new Digital Key app, secured by Trustonic Application Protection, at the New York International Auto Show 2019. The Digital Key will launch with the all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata in the fall.
Hyundai is using Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) to secure the Digital Key. TAP ensures that Digital Key transfer requests are securely displayed to and approved by a real, authenticated user on a trusted device.
Hyundai’s Digital Key is a downloadable smartphone app that can replace a traditional car key by leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect an authorized smartphone. A user can lock and unlock the vehicle, activate panic alert and start the engine within a range of about 30 feet of the car.
The new Digital Key can be utilized by up to four authorized users, facilitating seamless vehicle sharing. Users’ preferred settings are also stored in the car.

Trustonic press release