Gentherm Inc. (Formerly Amerigon Inc.)

Company Profile



21680 Haggerty Road, Suite 101, Northville, MI 48167, USA

Business Overview

- The Company supplies seat comfort systems, interior comfort systems, new energy systems and electronics for the automotive industry.

-The Company’s customers in the automotive industry include passenger car OEMs, commercial vehicle OEMs, and Tier 1 suppliers.

-The Automotive Division’s products include climate control seats, seat heaters, steering wheel heaters, automotive cables, electronic products, and battery performance solutions.


-The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.


Seat Comfort
-Heated seating systems
-Climate controlled seating systems; ventilation, cooling, and heating
-Neck warmer

Interior Comfort
-Heated interiors
-Heated steering wheels
-Heated and cooled cup holders
-Heated doors
-Heated armrests
-Thermal storage bins
-Window demister

-Electronic controllers
-Wiring harnesses
-Battery connect boards
-Intelligent Positioning System

New Energy System
-Battery monitor system
-Battery thermal management system
-Battery management system
-48V battery integration
-Heat recovery


1991 The Company was founded as Amerigon in California.
1993 Issued first IPO.
1999 Introduced first climate controlled seat.
2003 Opened a manufacturing plant in China.
2004 Opened a manufacturing plant in Ukraine.
2005 Moved headquarters from California to Michigan.
2008 Acquired Comair Rotron Shanghai, a manufacturer of air-moving solutions such as fans and blowers.
2011 Acquired majority ownership of W.E.T. Automotive Systems, a manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions.
2012 Changed name to Gentherm.
2013 Registered squeeze-out transaction of W.E.T. which led to full ownership and control of W.E.T.
2015 Established new production facility in central Mexico.
2017 Acquired Etratech Enterprises

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