Apr 05, 2019

Mahindra CIE, subsidiary of CIE group, informed that its Stampings Division, Kanhe is in the process of setting up a greenfield plant for a new best-in-class fully automated tandem press line, robotic welding & assembly cells and a well equipped metrology laboratory with the latest engineering & quality assurance processes. This is being done in conjunction with CIE's domain experts and is expected to be a technology demonstrator of the capabilities that MCIE can bring to the industry. (From Mahindra CIE annual report FY 2018)


Apr 01, 2019

Dana Incorporated announced that the company is now applying its extensive fuel cell expertise to the design and manufacturing of composite and metallic bipolar plates for public transportation systems, such as eBus and hydrail applications. Through its flexible manufacturing process, Dana's composite bipolar plate assemblies can be customized to meet the individual needs and requirements of each customer. In addition to composite bipolar plates, Dana designs and manufactures metallic bipolar plates. Manufactured with Dana's patented integrated sealing technology and in-line conductive coating, the company's ultra-thin metallic bipolar plates deliver superior power density, reliability, and durability. Dana's unique plate manufacturing, which utilizes high-precision, high-speed stamping and sophisticated laser welding, aids in its ability to streamline production and offer customers a cost-effective product. (From a press release on April 1, 2019)


Mar 29, 2019

A consortium led by South Korea’s car parts manufacturer, MS Autotech Co., Ltd., is going to purchase a plant in Gunsan, South Korea, from GM Korea Company, The plant was closed in February 2018, and the acquisition cost will be Korean won (KRW) 113 billion (JPY 11.07 billion). The consortium plans to complete the transaction on June 28, 2019, and start to build 50,000 units of electric vehicles (EVs) a year in 2021. It plans to start the EV production initially on an OEM basis. Also, within five years, it will develop its own EV models and prepare for the launch of the mass production of 150,000 units of them a year in 2025. Headquartered in Gyeongju, MS Autotech is one of the first tier suppliers of Hyundai Motor Company for automotive parts and components such as door modules, floor modules, and frames. Also, in 2018, it began supplying hot-stamping parts to Telsa of the U.S. (From a press release on 29, 2019)